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W/B 23.03.20

This week we will recap our learning of animals and their homes. 

You will need your purple mash login details for this. They can be found on a card in your plastic wallet resource packs. If you cannot find this card, please let me know and I will email you your login details.


Please play the below game to test your knowledge of animals and their homes. Once you have completed this, make a list of 10 different animals that you know and the homes that they live in.

Then, write these onto squares of paper and make your own matching game to play with your family.


Next, play the below game and identify the reptiles and mammals. After you have completed this, finish the worksheet by cutting and sticking the animals into their correct group. Write a key characteristic of each group underneath e.g. mammals give birth to live young.


Parents, I have included a PP with the key characteristics if you would like to use this resource to support your child. However, this is learning that we have completed prior so your child should be able to name one key characteristic for each group of animals.