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Activity 1

Activity 1:

During the first week of home-learning, I would like the children to start a diary about their time at home. This can include sentences about their feelings, what they have been doing, their favourite activities and games etc.

The diary should follow the below structure: 


Dear Diary, 

Today is Monday 23rd March 2020. I am feeling............ because...........


Allow your child to write whatever they would like in this diary, it is theirs entirely. Please offer support with spellings if needed, but encourage them to mostly use their phonics. Sentences should have capital letters and full stops (or question and exclamation marks if appropriate) and children should be using finger spaces at all times, at this point in Year 1. 


A fun activity prior to this learning could be to make/decorate a diary for your child to complete this work in. You can fold some paper in half and cover it with some coloured paper. Then you could tie it together with some string, or staple it if you have a stapler. Make this an enjoyable task for your child by allowing them to use lots of different resources to decorate their diary (felt tips, crayons, glitter, sequins etc.) 


If your child would like to share a picture of their decorated diary, please send it over to me at: I would love to see them!