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Activity 2

Activity 2: 

Today, we are re-capping our greater than and less than skills. It's a sunny day so let's head outside for some fun!


The children have all been exposed to the three symbols (greater than >, less than < and equal to =). Make some of your own large symbols using paper and a black marker (including crocodile teeth if you would like) and head outside for some maths fun. Ask your child to collect as many sticks/stones as they can find and make two different groups. Count how many in each group and then place the correct symbol in the middle to show which group has a greater number of objects. Can you make the groups equal? What symbol should you use now? Experiment with different numbers of objects in each group and ensure your child is very confident in their use of the three symbols. 

Some may need a bit more adult support than others, but just remember, the crocodile eats the bigger number! 


After this, head back inside and ask your child to complete the below worksheet, mostly independently. If they need support, provide guidance, but allow them to recognise their mistakes as they go and then discuss them afterwards and make corrections. Address any misconceptions your child may have throughout these two activities and keep the large crocodile signs on the table in front of them whilst they complete the worksheet. This will provide a visual aid to support them. Have fun!