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Activity 2

Activity 2: 

Today, I would like you to write an acrostic poem about an individual dinosaur (e.g. Stegosaurus). If your child was in school last week they will have looked at the features of an acrostic poem with me and be ready to get started. If your child wasn't in school then please look through the below Power Point together and identify the key features of an acrostic poem. This poem can be completed either in your exercise book or on a separate piece of paper (feel free to add a drawing of your dinosaur at the bottom). 


Ask your child to create a plan of key words to describe their chosen topic e.g. Stegosaurus - terrifying, fierce, spiky, plated, herbivore etc.

Try and explore new vocabulary using a dictionary/thesaurus (with adult support) and produce a word bank of relevant words to support your child with their poem.


Please encourage your child to talk through with you, what they are going to write about. They should compose each line of their poem verbally before writing it down. This may take a little while and you might decide to plan your poem today and write the poem tomorrow, this would be a truer reflection of our timetable at school, where we would spend a full lesson planning prior to producing our completed poem. 


When you have finished your poems, ask your child to read back over it to ensure it makes sense. Encourage them to make any changes they feel necessary and then they can write up their poem on a neat piece of paper (templates below). Feel free to send me any completed copies, I would love to see them. :)