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Activity 3

Introduction to Capacity and Volume

Today, we will be looking at capacity and volume. We are going to follow the same structure for this as we did for Mass and Weight. 

Please follow the below link and watch the video in Lesson 4:


We have spent a bit of time on Capacity and Volume in class, so hopefully this will just be a consolidation activity. 

Take a large container (bucket) out into the garden and collect lots of little containers (cups, bowls, bottles etc). Ask your child which container they think will have the biggest capacity. Why? Will the biggest container always have the biggest capacity? What does the shape of a container do to its capacity? Have a play around with filling the little containers and then line them up showing the containers at the following volumes:

Full, Nearly Full, Half Full, Nearly Empty, Empty. Then order these containers from biggest capacity to smallest capacity. Discuss with your child why the container that has been filled with water, might not necessarily be the one with the biggest capacity.


Once you have completed this activity, try the worksheet below: