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Activity 4

Activity 4 - Story Mountain

Today, I would like you to start planning your own fairy tale. Over the past term we have learnt a lot about castles and dragons and now is the time to put all of that knowledge to good use! 

Before we start writing our fairy tale, we need to plan it. You should all remember the story mountain structure we normally use for planning stories, but for parents, see the main points below:

Draw a mountain shape on a page in your exercise book, making sure it starts and ends close to each corner of the page. Then label it with the following, ensuring that there is an equal space between each one.

1. Character/s and Setting (Introduce the main character/s and describe the setting)

2. Journey (The main character/s decide to go on a journey somewhere)

3. Problem (They meet a problem along the way)

4. Resolution (How is that problem resolved?)

5. Ending (How does the story end?) 


Remember, you are not writing the story today, you are just creating your plan for it. Try and be as clear as you can in your writing as you will be using your story mountain to write your story tomorrow. Be as creative as you like, but remember to make your story easy to follow. Feel free to use the below word mats to give you some descriptive ideas. I look forward to seeing your story mountains. :)