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Activity 4

Today is all about performance poetry. We have looked at this a little in school, but with nursery rhymes. This time we are using real poems!


Please choose a poem from the resources below and read it through, with an adult. Look for key features in your poem: What is is about? Does it rhyme? Can you hear a rhythm? Has the poet used any alliteration (two words next to each other with the same letter or sound)?

Then I would like you to try and learn the poem by reading it over and over again. Try reading it to someone or something (a pet is great for this) and try to change your voice to reflect what is happening in the poem, for example, if the poem is about a thunder storm you might lower your voice and speak quite loudly. If the poem is about a mouse you might use a small, squeaky voice. 

If you would like to challenge yourself, try and include some actions when you are performing your poem. You can use any space around your house and garden to be your stage and have fun with this. Feel free to send me some videos of your performances. Enjoy!