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Activity 5

Activity 5: 

Today, I would like you to sit with your child and work your way through the below PowerPoint of questions. These problem-solving and reasoning questions are essential for building mathematical fluency and mastery. Please use your child's whiteboard to answer the questions (or their exercise book if you would prefer) and encourage them to write in full sentences where required. 


Most of these questions just require a conversation with your child... this is still learning! Being able to recognise, identify and solve problems is an important part of the Maths curriculum. Some children may require more adult support than others but they will all be able to answer these questions. Please ensure that your child is using the correct mathematical language where appropriate e.g. greater, lesser, more than, less than etc.


There is no need to print this resource off, just pop the PowerPoint up on a laptop or tablet and get started. :) 


Any questions just drop me an email. :)