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Activity 5

Activity 5 - Story Time!

So now is the time to start writing your very own fairy tale. I hope you have got your story mountain in front of you and a good space to work at because today the magic is going to happen! 

Fairy Tales should start with the phrase 'once upon a time' so your story should include this. Make sure you are using excellent descriptive language, making use of the word mats below. You should be thinking about finger spaces, capital letters and full stops throughout your writing. Also, remember to try and say your sentences out loud, before you write them down. This will help you to ensure that they make sense. Try and keep your phonic sounds on the table near you, like we would have the balloons up in the classroom. These resources are there to help you and you should use them as much as you need to. But, most importantly, have fun when writing this story. It is yours and yours alone and I would like you to be as creative as you like in your story line. Your parents will be able to support you with spellings, or remind you to put in your full stops, but the story content is up to you! Have fun and I can't wait to read them! :)