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Ducklings Nursery: 2 years 4 months - 4 years

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So very proud of each and every one of them. Congratulations Ducklings Class of 2021! You are all Superstars!! 🎉👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🥇

9th July 2021: It's coming home! 🤞⚽🏆

Summer 2, Week 5, 2021.

Sports Day!

I could not be more proud of the children today as they took part in their first ever Sports Day with the whole School - they had an amazing time!! They took part in a running race, egg and spoon race and buggy race as well as the hurdles and they loved every second. They waited patiently for their turn, sat beautifully throughout and gave lots of encouragement and support as they cheered the older children on. They were enthusiastic throughout, tried their very best and most importantly; they had so much fun! Ducklings, you were absolutely brilliant, really well done!

Summer 2, Week 4, 2021.

What an exciting week this has been for our little Ducklings! We had a fabulous visit from a drama company who took us on an 'Under the Sea' adventure. The children took on the role of minnows, crabs, sharks and many other sea creatures, all while trying to escape the terrifying crocodile! The absolute joy on their faces says it all, they performed their little hearts out and had such fun taking part, all while showing their very best listening skills and following instructions carefully. A brilliant experience for all!!


Our older children made the most of their transition day to Robins class, embracing every opportunity presented to them and taking all new routines associated with being in Reception in their stride. Nothing fazed them and they showed their new teacher exactly why I am so very proud of them. Very happy children at the end of the day and a very excited Mrs Newland who can't wait to get to know them even better in September.


Our younger children enjoyed a super day out in Haynes. They walked their little socks off and did so with excitement and enthusiasm! We made the most of having the local park all to ourselves and tried every piece of equipment until we were "experts", had a nice long and very chatty walk where the children pointed out all of the things that interested them - the birds nest, egg shell, cat and dog were particular highlights! They spotted "Postman Pat" and talked about him collecting the mail from the post box so he could go and deliver "important letters". Finally, as a much deserved treat, we visited the local shop where the children chose their favourite ice-cream and used real money to pay for it, all the time showing impeccable manners and displaying the Haynes Values beautifully.


I am so very proud of each and every one of you Ducklings for yet another fantastic week, well done my little Superstars!


Mrs Jordan

Summer 2, Week 3, 2021.

This week the children have continued learning about the Seaside with a focus on the letter and sound 'S'. They have been on 'S hunts', searching for the letter around the Setting as well as identifying objects that begin with an S. The children really embraced this learning and are now more confident in recognising and identifying the letter from a group, saying the sound in isolation and providing examples of words with 's' as an initial sound.


We have also been working on developing and extending our understanding and use of positional language. The children loved searching for the Pirate's lost treasure on his map and using positional language to help locate it! 


The children have also showed off their love of story telling and communication skills by performing their own Seaside puppet shows and interacted positively and building relationships through Small World play. There has also been lots of outdoor fun including exploring how to make pine cones roll down some piping faster (and how to stop them from rolling!) to running races on the field; the children have not stopped!


Well done for another great week Ducklings; you are all Superstars! 

'S' themed activities.

Puppet Shows and Story Sharing.

Seaside Small World Play.

Summer 2, Week 2, 2021.

We have had an incredible week in Duckling Class with the weather being very accommodating as we began our learning based around Summer and the Seaside. The children have absolutely loved the ice cream parlour and beach hut / barbeque role play. Their imaginative play and social interactions have been such a joy to observe; they have clearly had lots of positive real life experiences based around these events and have used them to build and develop their own narratives with other children, providing very expressive and often hilarious conversations!


Messy play has also been a big hit with building sandcastles and making ice-creams a clear favourite! We have discussed where the Seaside is: - "far away... you have to go in the car or an aeroplane... you can't walk!" - and shared some of their experiences of special times spent there. 


The children have also worked hard on their pencil grip and pencil control and have tried their very best when writing and making their Father's Day cards, "shhhh, it's a surprise!" We hope you enjoy them and have a lovely day on Sunday.


In typical British Seaside fashion, the rain came in on Friday but even this couldn't dampen their spirits. They ran and laughed and brought joy to an otherwise gloomy Summers day. Another brilliant week, well done little Ducklings, you are fabulous!

Even the rain couldn't stop the fun!

Summer 2, Week 1, 2021.

What an incredibly busy and fun first week back we have had in Duckling Class. Due to popular demand, we have continued with our theme of Eric Carle's, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this time looking at being healthy. The children have shown great enthusiasm while exploring healthy foods! They have been sorting foods into healthy and not so healthy while role playing in the shop, talked about their favourite vegetables and used them to create self-portraits, discovered new fruits and decided which ones they did and didn't like while fruit tasting, realised the importance of exercise and had fun running freely and climbing trees! They haven't forgotten about the Hungry Caterpillar either and have been searching for him in the Nursery garden. Some very lucky caterpillars and snails have been very well looked after this week with beds and dens being made for them and of course, the children always provide them with a "big juicy leaf" to eat! What a fantastic start to the new term; well done Ducklings, you have been truly wonderful!

Fun outdoors and exploring nature.

Fruit tasting.

Mark Making.

Summer 1, Week 7, 2021.

This week the children have looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar story by Eric Carle and learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar. They retained the information well and were able to use new vocabulary to describe what was happening at each stage using pictures to help them.

The children have also made leaf and egg sculptures out of clay, used playdough to recreate each stage in the cycle, made beautiful butterfly crowns and retold the story using props and mark making tools. By the end of the week they even set up their own 'Caterpillar Cafe' serving foods from the book! The children have taken every learning opportunity with so much enthusiasm and excitement and their knowledge and understanding has been amazing! Well done for another super week Ducklings! Have a lovely Half Term and we cannot wait to welcome you back for more fun and fantastic learning after the break!

Caterpillar Café!

Story Telling and Mark Making.

Life Cycle of a Caterpillar Represented in Clay and Playdough.

Summer 1, Week 6, 2021

Another amazing week for all the children in Duckling Class! This week the children have been focusing on the Technology aspect of Understanding the World. The older children have been learning how to operate and complete a simple letter formation and phonics activity using an iPad and the younger children have had fun exploring ICT toys and how they work.


The children have also explored colour mixing and painting techniques while creating their own representation of a vase of flowers. I have been so impressed with their focus and attention to detail; they have produced some truly beautiful art work and have had a lot of fun in the process!


Other activities this week have included exploring shape and pattern in pictures, using 3D shapes to create their own structures and arrangements, representing and sorting numbers to 5, lots of imaginative role play (including a bus ride to a camping holiday in the book corner!) and showing the Value of Independence with some terrific hand washing techniques going on! Well done Ducklings!

Still Life Painting (a vase of flowers). 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨💐

Imaginative Play

Being Independent