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Ducklings Nursery: 2 years 4 months - 4 years

Autumn 1, Week 7, 2021.

Wow! The last week of term and the children have been as busy and engaged as ever, they make me so very proud!


This week they have had a lot of fun with role play in the 'shop' where they have used their imagination and along with real life experiences while continuing to build relationships and develop their communication and language, Literacy and Maths skills. There have been so many positive interactions between the children with turn taking and sharing at the forefront, happy and often quite comical conversations and opportunities to learn and develop vocabulary; they have really made me smile!


We have also been learning all about how to keep our teeth healthy. The children have taken part in various activities to support and imbed their learning including teeth brushing songs, cleaning teeth (why this is important and how to do it) and discussing which foods are good and not so good for our teeth and why. The children were delighted to take home their very own new toothbrush and toothpaste as well as activities and information to share with you at home. This will provide them with opportunities to show and tell you about what they have been learning as well as provide ideas of how you can support them with this at home; they were really very excited about this!!


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to say a huge well done to all our little Ducklings; you have made an amazing start to the year and I am so very proud of each and every one of you. Have a wonderful Half Term and we cannot wait to hear about all that you have been up to and beginning more fun and exciting learning when you return.

Autumn 1, Week 6, 2021.

What an action packed and fun week we have had in Ducklings!


The children had a fantastic time (and got very messy!) while making and exploring 'oobleck'. They were mesmerized as they put their hands in the apparent liquid, only to find it had turned to a solid, "it's like glue... no, it's hard" before squeezing it, picking it up and watching it trickle through their fingers as it returned to its liquid state, "it's all runny again!" The vocabulary they used and developed was amazing; they built on each others ideas and used them to express their own thoughts about the different textures surrounding this sensory experience. The looks of excitement and wonder were an absolute joy!


The children have continued to work on their counting and number recognition by making the most of all the activities on offer, including using tweezers (also great for developing their fine motor skills) to count out the correct number of pom-poms expressed as a numeral as well as marks, counting how many fish they could catch and saying whether they had 'more' or 'less' than their friends, recognising and representing a repeating pattern as they made snails and exploring capacity and using the language of size as they filled different sized containers with water beads.


We have also seen some fantastic teamwork and real friendships being made on our 'building site', as well as hearing some beautiful singing voices, wonderful dance moves and enthusiastic music making as the children enjoyed taking part in Music and Movement activities. Well done Ducklings; your passion for learning and experiencing new things has been extraordinary this week and we are very proud of each and every one of you! 



Autumn 1, Week 5, 2021.

This week the children have loved sharing pictures of themselves and the people who are important to them, as well as special times that they have experienced outside of Nursery. It was a joy to see them being so animated as they talked and shared lots of stories about things that they remembered and have enjoyed. They were very passionate when talking about the special people in their lives and keen to listen and learn all about their new friends too! This activity not only provided some lovely drawings, but some really beautiful interactions and communications; it was a privilege to be given the opportunity to gain a real insight into their lives. Thank you to all the 'Grown Ups' who made this happen by sending in pictures of our wonderful children!


Ducklings have also worked hard on developing their Gross and Fine Motor Skills. They had fun using sand, chalk, playdough, connecting men and peg boards to strengthen those little muscles and moved in every way possible - running, jumping, sliding, balancing, catching, throwing, crawling... the list is endless, to develop their core strength; they must be exhausted!


Well done Ducklings for another fun filled and action packed week!

Autumn 1, Week 4, 2021.

It has been so lovely to watch our Ducklings really begin to bond this week. The children have discovered many shared interests which has led to some fantastic imaginative role play.


They worked together with the construction blocks in the garden to "build a house" before going inside to the mud kitchen to "make soup" using the resources available to them.


One child pretending that a plate was a steering wheel led to an impromptu "bus ride" where the children drove very fast, leaning from side to side as they raced around corners and there were many humps in that road as they bounced up and down! They finished by singing and performing the actions to 'The Wheels on the Bus' song, they were fantastic and had a lot of fun!  


Dancing to music and exploring the way different instruments sound has also been a big hit, along with the book corner where the children have spent a lot of time telling each other wonderful stories by looking at the pictures. All stories had a beginning, middle and end, demonstrating that they are beginning to realise how a story is structured. The children even turned the outdoor story area into a "drive through library" and continued their love of story telling outside!


One very rainy day, the children voted to listen to a Peppa Pig story at snack time. This inspired the joint decision by the children that they wanted to go outside and "jump in muddy puddles" just like Peppa. They had clearly listened carefully to the story, as they insisted, "Mrs Jordan... we must wear our boots!" before going outside!


Another fun and fabulous week; well done Ducklings!

Book Corner and "Drive Through Library!"

Building a house and making "soup".

Music, Dancing and Instruments!

"Jumping up and down in muddy puddles" - Inspired by Peppa Pig.

Autumn 1, Week 3, 2021.

Our little Ducklings have been fantastic again this week, embracing every challenge and experience that has been on offer with such enthusiasm, they really are a joy!


They have really enjoyed exploring number and have spoken about how old they are and represented that number in various ways including using their fingers, mark making and drawing objects, counting objects from a larger group, identifying numbers that are more or less and lots more besides! They have also shown a great interest in construction and used fine and gross motor skills to build using various resources. This led to lots of lovely discussions relating to size, length, shapes and plenty of opportunities for counting.


The children have been developing their listening skills, focusing on sounds that we can hear in the environment. We went on a walk around Haynes village (accompanied by Bertie, the School Dog) and the children listened carefully and identified a wide range of sounds, both natural and man-made. This promoted a lot of interaction and excited discussions between the children. They bounced off each others suggestions and ideas, adding details relating to their senses and extending their vocabulary. They also took part in a letter hunt and found examples of the first letter of their names in and around the School grounds. 


Ducklings have also shown themselves to be a very caring bunch this week when they found a lonely snail inside one of the tyres on the School field just before lunch. They were concerned it might be "hungry" and immediately set about getting it some food (leaves & fruit from a tree). They then said it needed a "nice comfy house" and worked as a team, making it a "bed" from sticks and bark, adding a "blanket" made from leaves & finally adding "decorations" (flowers and feathers) to make its new home look nice. As we went in for lunch, the children said goodbye and wished it "a nice sleep". They were very gentle with the snail and I am certain that due to their efforts, it is now very happy in its new home! Well done Ducklings!

A new home for one lucky snail! 🐌

Autumn 1, Week 2, 2021.

I have been so impressed this week with how quickly the children are settling into life as a member of Ducklings Class! They are already getting to know all the routines of the Setting well and are keen to understand and follow instructions that help them to learn. What a fantastic start; I am so very proud of them!


This week, our 'Marvellous Me' theme has challenged the children to find out what their bodies can do. This has led to trying lots of new resources and activities that encourage using their Gross Motor Skills. They have had a lot of fun in the garden walking on stilts, balancing on tyres, riding the trikes, crawling under the climbing frame (while playing hide and seek) and they absolutely loved our trip to the park - we clearly have some dare devils in the class but it was so lovely to see them encouraging and supporting other children who may have been a little less confident. A brilliant time was had by all!


The children have also been painting some great self-portraits and showed confidence in describing themselves and their unique features, as well as noticing similarities with their friends. The children enjoyed colour mixing and selecting the brushes and colours that they needed. We certainly have an enthusiastic bunch of little artists who focused well and were really pleased with what they achieved.


The most lovely thing about this week has been watching the children beginning to interact with one another and seeing those relationships beginning to form. They have come together through shared interests and friendships are already beginning to develop which is just wonderful. Hearing them all laughing together is such a joy and I cannot wait to hear more of it as they get to know each other even better.


What a brilliant start Ducklings, really well done! We are so very proud of you!

Autumn 1, Week 1 2021: Welcome to Ducklings! 

heart Nursery Graduation: Class of 2021 heart

So very proud of each and every one of them. Congratulations Ducklings Class of 2021! You are all Superstars!! 🎉👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🥇

9th July 2021: It's coming home! 🤞⚽🏆

Summer 2, Week 5, 2021.

Sports Day!

I could not be more proud of the children today as they took part in their first ever Sports Day with the whole School - they had an amazing time!! They took part in a running race, egg and spoon race and buggy race as well as the hurdles and they loved every second. They waited patiently for their turn, sat beautifully throughout and gave lots of encouragement and support as they cheered the older children on. They were enthusiastic throughout, tried their very best and most importantly; they had so much fun! Ducklings, you were absolutely brilliant, really well done!

Summer 2, Week 4, 2021.

What an exciting week this has been for our little Ducklings! We had a fabulous visit from a drama company who took us on an 'Under the Sea' adventure. The children took on the role of minnows, crabs, sharks and many other sea creatures, all while trying to escape the terrifying crocodile! The absolute joy on their faces says it all, they performed their little hearts out and had such fun taking part, all while showing their very best listening skills and following instructions carefully. A brilliant experience for all!!


Our older children made the most of their transition day to Robins class, embracing every opportunity presented to them and taking all new routines associated with being in Reception in their stride. Nothing fazed them and they showed their new teacher exactly why I am so very proud of them. Very happy children at the end of the day and a very excited Mrs Newland who can't wait to get to know them even better in September.


Our younger children enjoyed a super day out in Haynes. They walked their little socks off and did so with excitement and enthusiasm! We made the most of having the local park all to ourselves and tried every piece of equipment until we were "experts", had a nice long and very chatty walk where the children pointed out all of the things that interested them - the birds nest, egg shell, cat and dog were particular highlights! They spotted "Postman Pat" and talked about him collecting the mail from the post box so he could go and deliver "important letters". Finally, as a much deserved treat, we visited the local shop where the children chose their favourite ice-cream and used real money to pay for it, all the time showing impeccable manners and displaying the Haynes Values beautifully.


I am so very proud of each and every one of you Ducklings for yet another fantastic week, well done my little Superstars!


Mrs Jordan

Summer 2, Week 3, 2021.

This week the children have continued learning about the Seaside with a focus on the letter and sound 'S'. They have been on 'S hunts', searching for the letter around the Setting as well as identifying objects that begin with an S. The children really embraced this learning and are now more confident in recognising and identifying the letter from a group, saying the sound in isolation and providing examples of words with 's' as an initial sound.


We have also been working on developing and extending our understanding and use of positional language. The children loved searching for the Pirate's lost treasure on his map and using positional language to help locate it! 


The children have also showed off their love of story telling and communication skills by performing their own Seaside puppet shows and interacted positively and building relationships through Small World play. There has also been lots of outdoor fun including exploring how to make pine cones roll down some piping faster (and how to stop them from rolling!) to running races on the field; the children have not stopped!


Well done for another great week Ducklings; you are all Superstars! 

'S' themed activities.

Puppet Shows and Story Sharing.

Seaside Small World Play.

Summer 2, Week 2, 2021.

We have had an incredible week in Duckling Class with the weather being very accommodating as we began our learning based around Summer and the Seaside. The children have absolutely loved the ice cream parlour and beach hut / barbeque role play. Their imaginative play and social interactions have been such a joy to observe; they have clearly had lots of positive real life experiences based around these events and have used them to build and develop their own narratives with other children, providing very expressive and often hilarious conversations!


Messy play has also been a big hit with building sandcastles and making ice-creams a clear favourite! We have discussed where the Seaside is: - "far away... you have to go in the car or an aeroplane... you can't walk!" - and shared some of their experiences of special times spent there. 


The children have also worked hard on their pencil grip and pencil control and have tried their very best when writing and making their Father's Day cards, "shhhh, it's a surprise!" We hope you enjoy them and have a lovely day on Sunday.


In typical British Seaside fashion, the rain came in on Friday but even this couldn't dampen their spirits. They ran and laughed and brought joy to an otherwise gloomy Summers day. Another brilliant week, well done little Ducklings, you are fabulous!

Even the rain couldn't stop the fun!