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Ducklings Nursery: 2 years 4 months - 4 years

Summer 1, Week 3, 2021.

We have been finding out about how we grow this week. The children have enjoyed matching different animals to their young as well as learning the names for adult and baby animals. This led to lots of discussions about animals they have seen while on recent visits to the farm.


The children have also shown a great enthusiasm for shape and have enjoyed creating their own structures and models using a variety of construction materials such as building bricks, popoids, clixis, sticklebricks and even natural materials found in the garden.


We ended the week with some hands on learning based on the children's interest and love of cars. They took turns "driving" Mrs Jordan's car (and were fascinated when they had to use an actual key to open it rather than press a button 🤣!) and worked fantastically well as a team to wash Mrs Hearn's car. They did a brilliant job and had a lots of fun, well done Ducklings!

Growing (People and Animals) - Adult Led and Role Play Activities.

Mark Making.

Summer 1, Week 2, 2021.

This week the children have been taking part in lots of turn taking activities. This has led to new skills being learnt and developed such as patience, supporting others, being happy for the achievements of others and how to manage their own feelings in an effective way. I am so very proud of how the children have taken these activities on board and of the positive relationships and friendships that are developing as a result. Well done Ducklings!

Making Relationships.

Summer 1, Week 1, 2021.

What a super start to the Summer Term with all children continuing to build positive relationships with their peers through a variety of activities indoors and out. They have also enjoyed taking on the responsibility of 'snack monitor' and have proved to be excellent "helpers". Well done Ducklings, keep up the fantastic effort!

Being super little helpers!

Positive relationships with peers.


Enjoying story books.

Physical development.

Spring 2, Week 5, 2021.

This week Ducklings have been very busy celebrating all things Easter. They have enjoyed making Easter bonnets and baskets, but the clear favourite was making cakes to go in them! They have also learnt more about shapes through matching and recognition activities and we even found some empty birds eggs in the garden (very well timed!) which prompted a lovely discussion on life cycles. After such a productive week, I think they all deserve a rest! Have a wonderful half term Ducklings and we can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks for the start of the Summer Term.

Spring 2, Week 4, 2021.

What a wonderful, fun packed week we have had in Duckling Class. The children have settled back in to Nursery life beautifully and it has been a joy to hear so much chatter and laughter again! They have enjoyed lots of opportunities for Physical Development, Role Play with friends, Crafts, Mark Making and this week culminated in the children getting dressed in red to support Comic Relief and Red Nose Day...

Red Nose Day.

Role Play.

Using Technology.

Quiet time with a book 📚.

Monday 8th March 2021: It's wonderful to be back together again!