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Spring Second Half

Robins first week back-WB 8th March 2021. Day 1 was such an enjoyable and delightful day for both staff and children. The children came back into school as though they had never been away, we couldn't have been more proud! All the children were excited to see each other and were happily chatting away whilst carrying out their busy finger activities.

Throughout the day we got back into playing with our friends, sharing, taking turns and listening to each other.

We loved being able to play outdoors! We were climbing, balancing, creating an obstacle course, digging in the sand pit, dancing and singing on the stage, decorating boxes and playing with the animals.

We practised our mark making and writing.

In Maths we were learning about 3D shapes, describing them and sorting them.

We enjoyed being back together as a class, working in teams and being able to play together.

Robins have continued to amaze us with how resilient they are. They have settled back into school life wonderfully and are all embracing being back in school. We are beginning to get back to our normal daily routines, Phonics, Maths, Toasty Tuesday, storytime and playing together indoors and out.

We are starting to learn about the season of Spring. We have talked about the changes we are seeing as we look around our local area and how the weather has changed and is changing. We have begun to look at how different plants grow and we have learned about the lifecycle of an oak tree.