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W/C 23.03.20 & 30.03.20

Christianity: Why does Easter matter to Christians? 

In the run up to the Easter holidays, try and take the time to explore the Easter Story. Discuss the question: Why does Easter matter to Christians? Remember that children should understand that this story takes place about 33 years after the events of the Nativity, even though pupils have only celebrated Christmas about 3 months ago!


Listen to the Easter Story Audiobook by following the link below and use the code: RA5702


Once your child is familiar with the Easter story, connect the idea of eggs, new life and the belief in Jesus’ resurrection. Look at decorated Easter eggs. Talk about the Christian belief that Jesus rises from death (resurrection) on the Sunday after his death, and how this shows Christians that Jesus has opened up a way for them to have a new life after they die – a life with God in heaven. This is part of the idea of ‘salvation’ – for Christians, Jesus offers to save them from death. Talk about why this is important for Christians, and about the hope Christians have that heaven is a place without pain or suffering – a place of joy.

Find out about how churches celebrate different parts of Holy Week, e.g. Palm Sunday crosses; Good Friday (church services, hot
cross buns, Stations of the Cross); Easter Sunday (joyful songs, decorating a cross in church, giving and eating eggs). Connect these
practices with the events in the story. Make up some simple actions that help them to remember the story – and that could be
used in Christian celebrations.

Ask your child why people find it helpful to believe that there is life in heaven after death. Make a link with the idea that, for
Christians, Jesus brings good news. Give your child time to reflect on the way the story changes from sadness to happiness, or from darkness to light.


Then your child can complete one of the below activities: