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Autumn 1st half

Week beginning 1st October. In Maths this week we have continued to sort objects and are now learning about which set has 'more', 'less' or 'equal' objects in it. We went on a lovely walk around our local area to continue their learning on our theme, ‘All About Me’. The aim of our walk was to use our senses to draw things we could see, hear, touch and possibly smell. We also used the walk to talk about our locality, the street where our school is, the different buildings we saw and landmarks we saw along the way. We have continued learning our phonic sounds, counting forwards and backwards to 20, recognising and ordering numbers to 10, reading, playing and learning outside and being creative!

Week beginning 27th September. Our Maths this week has been all about matching and sorting. The children have undertaken several different activites and have used the correct vocabulary to describe how things match, how they are the same or how they are different.

As part of our 'All About Me' theme, the children have been discussing what makes them unique and have used loose parts to create their faces. We have been naming our body parts by singing songs, playing 'Simon Says' and labelling an outline of a child. One of the children pointed out that the outline was not alive, which lead into great discussion as to what makes us alive and then onto healthy eating.

Week beginning 13th September 2021. In Maths we have been learning all about numbers. We have sung songs, counted forwards and backwards to 20, ordered numbers to 10 and used our counting skills in lots of different ways. In Literacy we have been practising recognising and writing our name.

As part of our topic, 'All About Me', we have been learning about where they live and where they go to school. We used Google Earth to talk about the planet Earth, identifying land and sea. We then zoomed in to locate England, then Bedford, then Haynes and finally located our school. We used the map to identify features of the school-the playground, the Nursery canopy, the field, the Robin's play area etc. We then went on to looking closely at our classroom, identifying objects and then creating a map of our classroom .

Robins have been absolutely amazing! They have started school superbly, we couldn't be more proud! 😊 They have settled into the school routine and have done so with smiles on their faces. They have played and taken part in many activities inside and out and always try their best, listening to and following the instructions. Fantastic!