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Year 3

Christmas Jumper Day!

Selfies! We had lots of fun using the iPads to take selfies.

Fun with the iPads! Year 3 used the iPads today to create a fact file about a county of their choice. They shared lots of interesting facts about their chosen county and recorded their findings in their Geography books.

Children in Need!

In Year 3 we received a bag of ten objects, all relating to Diwali. We had to rank the objects in order of importance and explain why we had put them in that order, thinking about what matters most to Hindu people during Diwali. Year 3 then celebrated the Hindu festival of light and of good triumphing over evil by creating elements of a dance that reflected the themes of Diwali. We had lots of fun and the dances were fantastic!

In History we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots by acting out key events. The children remembered so much and we had lots of fun acting!

In Year 3 we have been sharing ideas about what it looks like to be frightened or brave. In groups the children created a freeze frame to convey the emotions. We then discussed how, when story writing, it is important to show how a character is feeling rather than just telling the reader as it makes for a much more engaging piece of writing.

In music, Year 3 have brought together their knowledge of the rainforest to compose and perform a rainforest musical piece! Within this piece, they played their rain sticks and used their hands and voices to recreate the sounds of the rainforest.

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In Science today in Year 3, we have been plating seeds! In pairs the children thought of a question that they would like to investigate, e.g. ‘Can plants grow in the dark? Do plants need water to survive?' and then wrote a prediction and method. Next, they were responsible for setting up their experiment to find out exactly what plants need to grow. The children are in charge of monitoring their seed every day for a week to see what the results are. Let's see what happens!

In Maths, Year 3 have been outside enjoying the sunshine! We have been looking at recognising the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. We were given some numbers then on the playground, using chalk, we drew a grid titled HTO (hundreds, tens and ones) and showed the value of each digit accordingly. We then partitioned the number and wrote an addition calculation to prove our understanding. Back in the classroom, we discussed why place value is important and compared numbers using our place value knowledge. As well as getting covered in chalk we had lots of fun and excellent learning took place!

We had a fantastic first week back creating rainforest animals for our display. I think you will all agree, it looks fabulous!

Transition Day - 11th September 2020

Google Classroom - Safe and Responsible Usage Document

School Sleepover - February 2020

Exploring different types of catapults in DT - January 2020

Freeze frames to start our Romans topic. Citizens of Pompeii! January 2020

Spring Term 2020 Medium Term Overview


Division problems - November 2019

Year 3 are reading to Buddy daily, they have been incredible at helping him learn sit and listen!

Year 3 learning/practicing their 8 and 4x tables!

Looking at fossils in Science!

Bike week

Gymnastics 19.09.2019

Welcome to Year 3!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and now that we have settled in and the children have a wonderful first couple of weeks. 

Coming into KS2 has been extremely exciting for year 3 and it has been amazing to welcome a couple of new additions to our class who have settled in beautifully! 
The children have come back full of life and have embraced our Wonderful World topic. We are all excited for our WOW factor in a few weeks when we head to the science museum. I'm looking forward to your continued support this year with all of the wonderful things the children are doing!

English - 'Take one, give one!' Sharing exciting adjectives to improve our writing!

Art inspired by Ice Trap - Creating textures to make our art more realistic.

This week we have been reading the Ice Trap - Shackleton's Incredible Expedition! The children have loved learning about Ernest Shackleton's expedition and all the adventures Shackleton travelled on. We have discussed lot's of new words and used dictionaries to help understand the meaning of them. In English, we wrote persuasive letter's to convince Shackleton to employ us on his ship for his final expedition. 






Year 3's MyMaths homework will be set each Friday to be completed by the following Friday.


This gives you a week to access the task, practise as necessary and as frequently as you would like, and then complete the questions for the homework section. We will be able to see when you have completed the task and how well you have got on which will help us to know if you might need a little bit more help. You can complete the questions more than once if you would like to try to improve your score. If you have any questions - please ask. 

Physical Education


We have started to look at Bollywood dancing and have learned this style of dance originated from India. We have been following the dance moves from 'BBC Learn to Bollywood Dance' and adapting them to make sure everyone in our class can perform. We have been trying very hard to make sure we can all dance together at the same time and to the rhythm of the music. We can't wait to finish our very own Bollywood routine! We will upload a video when we finish so you can all see too!


In multi-sports we are learning about differnt skills we can incorporate into invasion games. So far, we have looked at spatial awareness and our co-ordination with a ball. This week we practiced moving around with a netball whilst bouncing it. We then tried to do the same with a tennis ball, this was really tricky! We will keep practicing to improve our co-ordination skills. 

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton


Year 3 have been enjoying reading the adventure story 'Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx' by Joe Todd-Stanton this week. We have spent some time developing our understanding of the structure and how it's similar to an adventure story.  We've had lots of fun using role play to determine how each character felt throughout the different stages in the story. We are all excited to be writing our own adventure stories next week based in Ancient Egypt. 


Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx - cover




Year 3 and 4 Autumn Term Topic Overview - Ancient Egypt

Thank you to all of you who entered a piece of writing into the writing competition. I enjoyed reading them all and it was wonderful to see the amount of hard work that you have all put in to your texts. Below is a list of the winners from each class.

















1.3.18 - World Book Day

Firstly, thank you for the effort that you put in to the children's costumes. They all looked great and were very excited about being dress up for the day. 

The children spent the day in their teams and learnt about different authors. They did lots of exciting activities based around this author.

Lots of the children have entered some fabulous pieces of writing into the writing competition and the winners will be announced soon.

Below are some quotes from the children about this week:

"I liked dress up day because I like to wear my dresses."

"I  liked making puppets because we can pretend that they are us."

"I liked the writing competition because I liked writing flamingo facts."

"I liked book swap because there were loads of books to choose."

"I liked when parents came in and read us stories."

"I’ve liked having family members in to read because I like hearing different stories."

"I’ve liked all of this week because it’s been lots of fun."

"I’ve enjoyed book day because we are all dressed up and I liked seeing what other people were dressed up as."

"I liked the book swap because I now have lots of new books to read."

Friday 20th October 2017 - Toucans had a fantastic day 'junk modelling'. We have been enjoying the story ' The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. In Design and Technology, we have created our very own Iron Giants! Well done everyone, they looked fabulous!!!