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Year 3

In English, whilst reading our class text 'The Iron Man', we have been discussing what it looks like to be frightened or brave. In small groups, the children each created a freeze frame to convey these emotions, focusing on body language and facial expressions. We discussed that, when writing, it is important to show how a character is feeling rather than just telling the reader as it makes for a much more engaging piece.

Fitness fun in PE!

Stone Age Art! In our Art lessons we have been looking at the famous 'Cueva de las Manos' (Spanish for 'The Cave of Hands'). We then created a whole class piece using both the positive and negative impressions of our hands.

Today we have been counting forwards and backward in multiples of 50 and 100. We discussed what we noticed about multiples of 50 and 100 and also practised our fluency.

Bike ability! Lots of fun on bikes was had on Friday while the children learnt how to ride confidently and also how to stay safe.

We introduced a new member to our Year 3 classroom today... Alfie Funny-bones, the skeleton! We had lots of fun learning the scientific names for the different bones in our body with Alfie and began to think about what job our skeleton plays.

We had our Maths lesson outside today in Year 3 (we decided to stay in the shade as it was very hot!). We looked at the place value in 3 digit numbers and the children worked in groups to partition the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. They all did brilliantly and worked so nicely with the other children in their group. Well done Year 3!

Water Fight!

Egyptian Day! What a fantastic day - we made bread, painted our clay cartouches, learnt an Egyptian dance that real Egyptian children would learn in school, took part in Egyptian sports and of course, sampled our bread and home-made (non-alcoholic!!) beer, just like the ancient Egyptians used to eat and drink! What a brilliant day, filled with fun and laughter - well done Year 3!

Geography field trip!

What a brilliant Sports Day! The rain stayed away and we were able to have a wonderful day, filled with team work, cheering and fun.

The chairs in Year 3 went on strike today! We had to come up with ideas to use in a persuasive letter to encourage them to come back. Our writing was very personal and inspired! The chairs have decided to come back for the time being and will make their final decision when they read our letters next week...!

Year 3's Egyptian God Papyrus artwork! Over the past few weeks, we have been experimenting with colour mixing, blending, shading and creating texture using different media, leading up to creating a piece of art. We then looked at different images of Egyptian Gods and important Hieroglyphs before creating a plan of what we wanted to include in our final piece. The children then used their new found art skills and selected their desired media to transfer their plan onto their papyrus paper. I think you will agree, the finished pieces look fantastic!

Making 3D shapes using modelling materials in geometry! The children had a very important challenge today... To not eat any of the marshmallows until afterwards!

In Geography we have been looking at fieldwork and plotting human and physical features on sketch maps that we have created. On of the features we looked at was 'bodies of water' and so we paid a visit to our school pond!

Due to the rainy weather, instead of our athletics lesson, we went into the hall and used the climbing frame apparatus. Lots of fun was had and the children challenged themselves to use different aspects of the equipment

Today in History we explored the question: ‘So was everyone an ancient Egyptian?’. We plotted different civilisations, as well as more recent periods, on a timeline to see when they occurred and then researched one of the four main ancient civilisations to find out more about them.

In English we have been looking at using inverted commas to punctuate speech using pasta!

Today we mummified tomatoes! We followed the embalming process for how the Egyptians used to bury their dead. We will check on our tomatoes in 7 weeks to see how well they have been preserved!

KS2 joined together on Friday to create Egyptian StopMotion videos. The Year 4s were great at demonstrating their knowledge of how the App worked and Year 3 were able to share their understanding of the Ancient Egyptians. The children had lots of fun and enjoyed sharing their videos at the end of the afternoon.

We have been looking at equivalent fractions in Year 3. Today we used a fraction wall to identify fractions that were equal in value.

We are currently learning about fractions in Maths so today we played 'I have... who has...' in class. The children had to match the written fraction to a visual representation - brilliant work Year 3!

Year 3 Egyptian Art!

In History, we have been pretending to be the excited archaeologist, Howard Carter. We wrote a diary entry detailing the sensational discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb!