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Year 3

Year 3 had their first ukulele lesson today!

Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about the Romans this term. To finish off our wonderful topic, we made Roman fine ware vases using Papier-mâché. We then painted them and created our our designs, taken from ancient Roman vases!

Egg Parachutes!

We had an Easter Egg Hunt on the field today, using the Easter baskets that we made from a net! Have a brilliant Easter Year 3, you have been amazing!

In Science, Year 3 used their learning about magnets to create board games in groups!

Today we completed a 'Chalk Trust Assault Course'. Every child drew an assault course, using chalk, onto the playground and then had to guide their blind folded partner around the course by giving really clear instructions. We had to use the values of trust and resilience as sometimes it was tricky to make it clear to our partner what we wanted them to do!

In Science, Year 3 are learning about magnets. We made own compasses and used these to find out where North was!

Today in History, to help us learn more about the Roman gods and goddesses, we played a board game and created Top Trump cards. We learnt lots of facts and had lots of fun!

Year 3 have been creating Roman fine ware vases in D.T. this week! They had to use paper and Papier Mâché to mould their vases around a balloon. Next week we are going to be painting them!

As part of our daily PE lessons, Year 3 have been focusing on fitness. Last week we recorded how many lengths of the playground we could run in 7 minutes and then today we timed ourselves again to see how many lengths we could run this time... I am delighted to say that every single child managed to beat their number of lengths run! As you can tell from the children's rosy faces after they ran, they worked so hard to increase the amount of lengths they ran! Super work Year 3!

Census on the field! To raise awareness and learn more about the 2021 census, Year 3 took part in their own census by going outside and counting different coloured objects. We decided that green was the clear winner!

In English we have been looking at non-fiction texts. We learnt lots of features of non-fiction texts and then, in partners, the children were given a Roman non-fiction text and had to use their new learning to find the features in the books and label them using post-it-notes!

Year 3 were placed into teams. Each team were given a random picture of what they needed to create (a certain animal, vehicle, or food). They then had to use the nature around them (twigs, leaves, grass, flowers, stones, moss…) to recreate these pictures. They had to work as a team and also keep quiet as they didn’t want the other teams to find out what they were creating before they had to guess! The teamwork and resilience was superb and lots of laughs and fun were had by all.

Today we created a big list of all of the things we enjoy about school. We then all decorated a puzzle piece each to show all of the different ideas that we came up with. Some things Year 3 decided that they enjoyed about school included: working hard, challenges, friends, learning, playing, values and fun.

We had lots of fun and laughs today in Year 3 on our first day back! We had a challenge to work as a team to build a tower to support an egg. We were only allowed to use certain materials (10 sheets of newspaper, 20 pieces of Sellotape and 10 wooden sticks) and had to plan our design with our team members before building. It was very tense watching to see if the towers would support the weight of the eggs (as you can see by our faces!).

Christmas Jumper Day!

Selfies! We had lots of fun using the iPads to take selfies today.

Fun with the iPads! Year 3 used the iPads today to create a fact file about a county of their choice. They shared lots of interesting facts about their chosen county and recorded their findings in their Geography books.

Children in Need!

In Year 3 we received a bag of ten objects, all relating to Diwali. We had to rank the objects in order of importance and explain why we had put them in that order, thinking about what matters most to Hindu people during Diwali. Year 3 then celebrated the Hindu festival of light and of good triumphing over evil by creating elements of a dance that reflected the themes of Diwali. We had lots of fun and the dances were fantastic!

In History we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots by acting out key events. The children remembered so much and we had lots of fun acting!

In Year 3 we have been sharing ideas about what it looks like to be frightened or brave. In groups the children created a freeze frame to convey the emotions. We then discussed how, when story writing, it is important to show how a character is feeling rather than just telling the reader as it makes for a much more engaging piece of writing.

In music, Year 3 have brought together their knowledge of the rainforest to compose and perform a rainforest musical piece! Within this piece, they played their rain sticks and used their hands and voices to recreate the sounds of the rainforest.

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In Science today in Year 3, we have been plating seeds! In pairs the children thought of a question that they would like to investigate, e.g. ‘Can plants grow in the dark? Do plants need water to survive?' and then wrote a prediction and method. Next, they were responsible for setting up their experiment to find out exactly what plants need to grow. The children are in charge of monitoring their seed every day for a week to see what the results are. Let's see what happens!

In Maths, Year 3 have been outside enjoying the sunshine! We have been looking at recognising the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. We were given some numbers then on the playground, using chalk, we drew a grid titled HTO (hundreds, tens and ones) and showed the value of each digit accordingly. We then partitioned the number and wrote an addition calculation to prove our understanding. Back in the classroom, we discussed why place value is important and compared numbers using our place value knowledge. As well as getting covered in chalk we had lots of fun and excellent learning took place!

We had a fantastic first week back creating rainforest animals for our display. I think you will all agree, it looks fabulous!

Transition Day - 11th September 2020

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