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Year 3

We turned ourselves into mummies this afternoon! We learnt about the mummification process and are going to use this knowledge to embalm tomatoes next week...!

Egyptian side profile art work!

We have been working in groups to orally re-tell the classic fairy tale of Cinderella!

In RSE, our current topic is 'money matters'. We have been looking at why people get jobs and what sort of things we need to pay for in life. As a class, we came up with a list of jobs.

For the end of our Science topic on magnets, we used all of our learning and understanding to make a game! As you can see, we used our imagination to create some fabulous games!

In Science today, we made compasses to help us find North!

Playing board games to help us learn facts about the Roman gods in History!

We went to visit the chicks today with Year 1

Comic relief!

Mosaics! We have been using different media to create our mosaic art work. I think you will agree, they look spectacular!

Working out the perimeter of different shapes in Maths!

World Book Day! We enjoyed lots of fun activities centred around books today. We began the day with a bit of 'hot seating' where the children came up to the front of the class and had to speak in role as their character. The children did brilliantly, and had a fabulous day!

On Wednesday, whilst celebrating World Book Week, we held a 'Reading Buddy' session where Year 3 joined with the Year 1 children to read stories. Some children brought in their own stories from home and others chose books from school to share. It was a wonderful morning and some children even read to the two classes!

Pancake Day!

In English today, we recapped features of non-fiction texts and then, working in pairs, the children used post-it-notes to label a selection of Roman non-fiction books.

Bedtime stories after school by the fire!

Friday Fire Pit Fun!

In school this week, Year 3 have been working hard to edit and enhance the Romulus and Remus myths that they re-wrote. As you can see from their faces, they were very proud with their efforts!

Fun on the castle! The children had great fun on our new castle and even pretended to be Roman soldiers!

This week in English, we have been looking at performance poetry! We watched a video of Michael Rosen talking about what makes a good quality performance. We then got into groups and practised a verse from the poem 'Matilda' by Hilaire Belloc. The children worked really hard to include intonation, action, facial expressions, body movements, hand gestures, sounds and expression when performing their verse!