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Year 1

27.11.20 - Vegetable Soup

Today, Year 1 became chefs and made their very own vegetable soup! We all had great fun taste testing the different vegetables prior to cooking. We tried carrots, swede, radishes, parsnips, courgettes and even a tiny bit of onion! Carrots were a firm favourite whilst radishes were definitely not! I was very impressed with how willing all the children were to try a piece of each vegetable. Some encouragement was needed at times, but every child tasted a small piece of every vegetable! Well done Year 1! :) 


The children then all had a go at peeling either a carrot or a parsnip and were supported in cutting their vegetable into small pieces.

To make our vegetable soup we fried onions and garlic together and then mixed in the vegetables, stock, a tin of mixed beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes. The children watched it boil and all mix together from a safe distance and then it was ready to serve up. Everyone had a small bowl as a 'starter' to their lunch and all agreed that it was delicious! 


We didn't want to waste any of the vegetable scraps we had left over so, after lunch, we took all of our food scraps out to the gardening area and sprinkled them on top of the soil so that the worms could eat them. We learnt a lot about worms when we had our class wormery so the children were very excited to give the vegetable scraps to our previous class pets! 


It was a busy, but fun day. Great job Year 1! :)

20.11.20 - Our Senses

In Science this week, we have been exploring our senses. We have learnt how many there are and which part of our body is associated with which sense. We had great fun using our senses to explore 5 different stations outside. There was a hearing station with drums, rain sticks and bells, there was a taste station with hot chocolate, marshmellows, milk and raisins, there was a smell station with coffee, soil, vanilla and lemon teabags, there was a sight station facing out towards the woods and there was a touch station with a teddy, an orange, shaving foam and playdough. 

Everyone had great fun and there was lots of laughter with the shaving foam! :)  

13.11.20 - Selfies!

In Computing this week, Year 1 have been learning to use the camera on an iPad and have started with the most important photo style of all... The Selfie! 

These super photos have not only made everyone in the class laugh, but they will also be used on a school display in which the whole school will get to see their own selfie. 

Well done Year 1! 


06.11.20 - Christmas Cards

It might be a little early for Christmas cards in some households, but not at Haynes! Year 1 have had great fun producing a super winter scene for their Christmas cards this year. 

The process for ordering the 'Art Projects for Schools' Christmas cards has changed slightly this year. The artwork will be sent home with the children and if you would like to order some products from APFS, then please return the artwork back to school and we will send it off to be scanned. 

Well done Year 1! :) 

23.10.20 - Have a great half term! 

Wow! What a super half term we have had! Year 1 have risen to every challenge and achieved so much with their excellent attitudes to learning. They have returned to school after such a long time away and have blown me away with their resilience and hard work.
Have a restful half term holiday, Year 1... you’ve earned it. 

15.10.20 - Nature Mandalas

Today, Year 1 used as many natural objects as they could find to create a variety of nature mandalas. They worked in groups to create their artwork, carefully arranging pine cones, leaves, sticks, flowers and stones in circles and patterns to create their nature mandalas. The wind wasn't our friend today and it was a race to finish the mandalas and take a photo before the wind blew all the children's hard work away. But Year 1 showed resilience and determination and we finally managed to finish and photograph the nature mandalas!

Well done Year 1! :) 

12.10.20 - Nature Mandalas

06.10.20 - > < =

In Maths today, Year 1 have been continuing their learning on comparing groups and have began to start using the symbols for 'more than (>), 'less than' (<) and 'equal to' (=).

We took our learning outside and, after using the correct language to describe our two groups, we then drew the correct symbol between the two groups and asked other children to use the symbol to correctly compare the two groups. Everyone worked really hard and had great fun deciding which group the crocodile was going to eat!

Well done Year 1! :)

02.10.20 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

After reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' in English this week, we decided to re-enact the story by going on our own Bear Hunt! We made binoculars out of rolled up paper and packed our imaginary backpacks with things we thought we would need and off we went. 

Following the story we went through: long, wavy grass; a deep, cold river; thick, oozy mud; a big, dark forest; a swirling, whirling snowstorm; and a narrow gloomy cave where we found the bear! 

Great work Year 1! 


02.10.20 - Bike to School Week

Year 1 have had great fun cycling or scooting to school this week. On Monday and Friday afternoon we were able to have a ride around the playground, showing off everyone's super skills! They all rode super well!  

Well done Year 1. :)  

30.09.20 - Comparing Groups

In Maths today, Year 1 have been looking at comparing two groups. They have learnt the language 'more than', 'less than' and 'equal to' when comparing two groups. Today, we decided to take our learning outside the classroom and use this language to describe the two groups we made from different objects we found around the playground and field. The children loved counting out the objects in each group and then explaining whether Group 1 had 'more than', 'less than' or is 'equal to' Group 2. 

Well done Year 1. 

29.09.20 - The Good Samaritan

In RE today, Year 1 learnt about 'The Good Samaritan' story. They discussed why God helps everyone and why Christians try to help everyone too. Year 1 then acted out the main events of 'The Good Samaritan' story and explained which character in the story Christians try to be like and why.

Well done Year 1! :)

29.9.20 - RE The Good Samaritan

28.09.20 - We're Going On A Bear Hunt

This morning, we had a surprise in the classroom! A cheeky animal had broken in and left some muddy footprints, some over-turned tables and chairs and a book. After some further investigation we found out the animal was a bear! We all took our whiteboards outside to hunt for more clues, writing down what we found. There were so many! 

We then came back to the classroom to look more closely at the book the bear had left. It was the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'! 

What a great start to our new text! 

28.09.20 - Making a Wormery

Today in Science, we made a class wormery so that we could observe the patterns and habits of worms. We started by gathering sand and mud to make the layers of the wormery and then we set to work searching for worms, which was very messy but lots of fun! 

In total we found 12 worms, to live in our wormery for a few weeks. The whole class can't wait to see what the worms get up to in there! 

25.09.20 - Firework Shape Art

In Art this week, Year 1 learnt a new painting skill... not to paint at all! Instead, we ensured we had lots of paint and water on our brush and used a 'dripping' technique in which we tapped the middle of the paintbrush to drip yellow, white and orange paint onto the black paper. This created the space background for our shape rockets. Everyone had lots of fun using the paint and it was lucky we were all wearing our painting aprons as it was harder to aim the drips than we thought! 

Well done Year 1 :) 

23.09.20 - The Gunpowder Plot

In History this term, Year 1 have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot. So far, we have learnt the year that it happened, where it happened, who was involved in the plot, what they planned to do and why. Today, we acted out the events of the The Gunpowder Plot using masks to show which person we were. Everyone was great at re-enacting the key events and it was great to see some budding young actors in our class! 

Well done Year 1! :) 

18.09.20 - Minibeast Hunt

Year 1 have had a great day exploring the woods looking for minibeasts. We turned over logs and leaves on the search for slugs, snails, ants and earwigs. We observed the sky for flies, butterflies and bees. We even saw a millipede, although it was gone in a flash! 

It has been a very busy, but great first week. See you on Monday, Year 1!

Miss Rowswell