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Year 1

15.10.21 - Primary and Secondary Colours

In Art this week, Year 1 have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We had great fun experimenting by mixing two primary colours together and discovering what secondary colour they make. We then used our mixed colours to make a painting inspired by artist Jasper Johns. Great work Year 1! :)

8.10.21 - Art Projects for Schools

It might be a bit early for Christmas in most households, but not at Haynes! In Art today, Year 1 made some beautiful Christmas card artwork for the Art Projects for Schools' Creative Card project. This artwork has been sent home today, along with an explanatory APFS leaflet providing details on how you can place an order for your child's artwork, should you wish to. If you would like to place an order, please can you ensure that your child's artwork is returned to school by this Friday (15.10.21) so that we can send it off to APFS for scanning.

Well done to all of Year 1 for your hard work on this art project, I think the finished work looks amazing and you should all be very proud of yourselves! 

28.9.21 - We're Going On A Bear Hunt

This morning, we had a surprise in the classroom! A cheeky animal had broken in and left some muddy footprints, some over-turned tables and chairs and a book. After some further investigation we found out the animal was a bear! We all took our whiteboards around the classroom and outside to hunt for more clues, writing down what we found. There were so many clues! 

We then came back to the classroom to look more closely at the book the bear had left for us. It was the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'! 

The children are so excited to start their learning based on this story. What a great start to our new text!

20.09.21 - Our Senses

In Science this week, we have been exploring our senses. We have learnt how many there are and which part of our body is associated with which sense. We then had great fun investigating how our senses work by exploring 5 different stations outside. There was a hearing area, a tasting area, a smelling area, a seeing area and a touching area. The children especially loved the tasting and touching areas.

Everyone had great fun investigating their senses, well done Year 1!  

17.9.21 - Year 1's second week

This week we have been very busy introducing lots of new learning topics. In English we have been looking at how to form capital letters and where they need to go in a sentence. In Maths, we have been representing numbers in different ways. In Science, we have drawn around a friend's body and have labelled all the different parts of our body. In Geography, we have been looking at the 7 continents and where we can find them on a world map. In History, we have begun to learn about Guy Fawkes and the similarities and differences between how he lived and how we live today. In Art, we have looked at Beatriz Milhazes and have created our own Abstract art using circles in a range of different colours and shapes and in Music we have begun to use our voices expressively when singing some new songs. 

It has certainly been a busy week but we have achieved a lot and everyone should feel very proud of themselves. I have been so impressed with how well all of the children have settled into the new expectations and routines of Year 1. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday! 

Miss Rowswell

10.9.21 - First Week in Year 1

What a super first week we have had in Year 1! It has been a busy 5 days but everyone has settled in so well. There has been lots of learning, games, laughter and fun! It has been wonderful to get to know all of you and I am very excited for the year to come... we have already achieved so much and it is only the first week!


In Maths, we have been making repeating patterns and sorting objects into different groups according to their characteristics e.g. shape, type or size.

In English, we have started our first book: 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers. We had great fun trying to recreate the tree in 'Stuck' by throwing many different objects into one of the trees on the field. It was great fun and very silly! 

In Geography, we have started to learn about the 7 continents. We have begun to learn what they are, how many there are, what the names of these continents are, which one we live on and where we can find them on a map of the world. We even learnt a song to help us remember the names. 

In Computing, we have been creating a self portrait using the notes page. It was great fun playing with all the different pens, pencils and colours available on the notes page and some self portraits were very creative! 


We have lots more exciting learning planned for next week so I hope you all have a restful and relaxing weekend... you deserve it! 


I can't wait to see you all again on Monday! 

Miss Rowswell


10.6.21 - Partial Eclipse

Today, we were all amazed by the partial eclipse happening in the sky around mid morning. Before we went outside, we learnt why we shouldn't look directly at the sun, how we can safely watch the partial eclipse and why this is an unusual event. We used a colander and white card to show the shadows cast by the sun and observed the shape they were in (a circle with a chunk out of it). It was very exciting and Year 1 asked a lot of questions about what was happening to the sun and the moon.

Well done Year 1 :) 

13.05.21 - Rainy Day PE

Today has been a wet and miserable Thursday, so we were unable to have our planned Athletics PE lesson on the field. Instead, we decided to use the climbing equipment in the hall... to everyone's great delight! I was amazed at how brave everyone was, climbing up the ladders and swinging on the ropes. We definitely have some budding gymnasts in our class! We made sure that our partners were safe by spotting them from below and ensuring that they were following the safety rules we all decided on together.

Well done Year 1!  

11.05.21 - How to Build a Sandcastle

In English today, Year 1 have been writing instruction about how to build a sandcastle. Although lots of children had already made sandcastles on a beach before, we knew that we couldn't write instructions without having a go ourselves! Using our tough tray and the sandpits in our Year 1 area, we mixed some water with the sand to make it damp (perfect for making sandcastles) and then got to work building our very own sandcastles! We talked our partners through the process and tried to help them build the best sandcastle they could! We then came inside and wrote out our instructions, which were excellent. 

Great job sandcastle builders!