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Year 1

21.4.22 - Capacity and Volume

In Maths this week, Year 1 have been learning about capacity and volume and what better way to learn than with a hands on activity. We filled up some big tubs of water and had great fun testing the capacity of lots of different containers and finding out which container had the greatest capacity which had the least and testing if any had the same capacity. We were surprised to find that even though some containers were completely different shapes and sizes, they had the same capacity! We then filled up the containers to different volumes and used the language: full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty. 

Everyone loved learning practically, although there were some very wet children by the end. Luckily the sun was shining and we all dried off by the end of break time. What an exciting morning!

1.4.22 - Easter Egg Hunt

Year 1 and 2 joined forces today for a huge Easter Egg Hunt! All around Haynes' outdoor areas were hidden treats for the children to discover. Some were found quite quickly and easily whilst others required a lot of searching and a great deal of patience! Eventually, every child found a treat to enjoy and there were a lot of chocolatey faces by the end. Hopefully there will be lots more chocolate eggs for you to enjoy over the Easter break with your families. Happy Easter everyone and have a wonderful break! See you all in two weeks! 

25.3.22 - Victorian Games

In History, we have been learning all about Victorian play. We have explored the different toys and games that Victorian children would have played and how they are different to the toys and games we play today. In our history lesson this afternoon, we all had a go at playing some of the games Victorian children would have played. These included: marbles, ball and cup, pick up sticks, hoop and stick, hopscotch and Grandma's footsteps. The children had great fun playing the games and then reviewing them on their sheets.

All of the children concluded that they are glad they were born in the modern day and not in the Victorian times as the games they played were not as fun as an iPad! 

17.3.22 - Our New Chicks

Today was Science Day, all the children spent the day taking part in lots of different Science activities around the school. One of the activities was to learn about the life cycle of a chicken. We talked about where the eggs came from, how they are incubated, what happens inside the egg and what happens after they hatch. We compared a chicken's life cycle to a human's and found lots of similarities and differences. At the end of the session, each group named two chickens. Every child put forward their ideas and then the group voted on their favourite two. We had lots of weird and wonderful names put forward but we have settled on the following 8 names: Gerald, Devlyn, Izzy, Rocky, Nugget, Fluffy, Coco and Bluey. We were all very excited to finally get a chance to hold our two oldest chicks (Gerald and Devlyn). They were so soft! Year 1 were so careful and gently with the chicks and are looking forward to holding them lots more next week. Well done Year 1!

9.3.22 - Warwick Castle

KS1 had a brilliant time exploring Warwick Castle in the sunshine today. We took a walk around the outside of the castle looking at all the features we have learnt lots about in History. We saw the battlements, the arrowslits, the portcullis, the moat (with no water), the keep and lots lots more! We also explored inside the castle where we saw knights on horses, armour for an adult (and a set for a 6 year old), King Henry VIII and his wives, medieval weaponry, a feast fit for a king and much more. We decided to tackle the Horrible Histories Maze after lunch which was a great adventure with lots of twists, turns and dead ends! At the end of the day we saw a Birds of Prey show in which we saw lots of huge birds flying over our heads! The children behaved impeccably and it was a pleasure to see them so enthusiastic and inquisitive. Thank you for being so amazing today Year 1! I'm sure you will all sleep well tonight, I know I will! 

8.3.22 - Digimaps

KS1 are getting very excited for their school trip to Warwick Castle tomorrow. This morning, we all sat together to look at a map of Warwick Castle using the website 'Digimaps'. We took a look at an Ordnance Survey map and then an aerial view map of the castle site and zoomed in on the places that we would be visiting. We then had a look at a map of the area from the 1890s, which was very different to the photo maps we have today. We recognised that there wasn't as much detail and there definitely weren't as many houses and roads in Warwick as there are now. To finish, we took a look at the route we would take from our school to the castle. We can't wait to finally be there... 1 more sleep to go! 

4.3.22 - Book Writing Competition Winners

A huge congratulations to Florence for winning the Book Writing Competition in Year 1. I think her book was the heaviest book we had in the whole competition, filled with a super story about a cold princess and beautiful stickers and drawings. Well done Florence!

Another huge congratulations to Annabelle for winning runner up in the Book Writing Competition for Year 1. She wrote a super story about one of her friends in the class and a princess. Well done Annabelle! 

I was super impressed with the other stories that were submitted for the competition. It was clear that the children put lots of time and effort into their stories and I am very proud of all of you. Mrs Newland and I wished we could choose them all for 1st place! 

3.3.22 - World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! I was so impressed with the costumes Year 1 came to school in today. The whole class made a huge effort and I loved every single one! Today, I have taught fairies, princesses, dinosaurs, skeletons, mummies, caterpillar butterflies, witches, Harry Potters and even two Matildas! The children have loved talking about their favourite characters from their favourite books and I have loved to see how much they are inspired by everything they are reading. Well done Year 1 and Happy World Book Day!

2.3.22 - Book Buddies

On Wednesday, Year 1 and Year 3 came together as "Book Buddies", taking it in turns to read a book to their partner. There were all types of books being read: story books, non-fiction books, joke books, picture books... Some of the children even shared their books with the whole class (The Book with No Pictures was a class favourite). Everyone had a lovely morning sharing their love for reading with their friends in other year groups. 

1.3.22 - Pancake Day

Today is Pancake Day, so Year 1 and Year 2 teamed up to create some delicious pancakes! They measured out flour, milk and eggs and then whisked it all together until there were no lumps. Whilst the adults were cooking the pancakes, the children used their first hand experience to write a set of instructions on how make the perfect pancake. Once the pancakes were cooked, the children chose their topping and then enjoyed eating their deliciously, perfect pancakes! They were so yummy that some children even ended up licking their plates clean! 

Happy Pancake Day!