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18.09.20 - Minibeast Hunt

Year 1 have had a great day exploring the woods looking for minibeasts. We turned over logs and leaves on the search for slugs, snails, ants and earwigs. We observed the sky for flies, butterflies and bees. We even saw a millipede, although it was gone in a flash! 

It has been a very busy, but great first week. See you on Monday, Year 1!

Miss Rowswell


Transition Day - 11.09.20

Our new little Year 1s had a fantastic day in their new classroom today. We talked about the exciting things they will be learning this year and played lots of fun games to help us get to know each other. We painted our self-portraits for the display board and created colourful 'about me' butterflies for the Year 1 door.

Everyone had a big smile on their faces as they explored the Year 1 area and all of the provisions we have available. 

I hope you are all having a restful weekend, ready for some fun learning next week. See you on Monday, Year 1! 

Miss Rowswell




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Home Learning - W/B 20.04.20

Home Learning - W/B 14.04.19

Home Learning - W/B 06.04.20

Home Learning - W/B 30.03.20

Home Learning - W/B 23.03.20

05.03.20 - Year 1 had a great morning representing Haynes at the Multi-Skills festival at Robert Bloomfield Middle School. They were asked to take part in lots of different activities that involved throwing and catching or jumping and running. It was led by a group of Year 8 students, some of whom used to be students at Haynes!

Every child tried their absolute best and did so with huge smiles (and looks of intense concentration) on their faces throughout the morning. 

Well done Year 1! 

Multi-Skills Festival

27.02.20 - Haynes was covered in a blanket of snow this morning and the whole school used their break time to make full use of it! Everyone had great fun trying to roll the biggest snowball they could, or sculpting families of snow people. We were all very disappointed when the sun came out and the snow began to melt, but the children definitely made the most of the time they had with it. 

Snowy Morning

26.02.20 - KS1 had a brilliant time exploring Warwick Castle in the sunshine today. We saw knights on horses, birds of prey, armour and arrows being made and lots of periodic clothing. We had a great time investigating the features of Warwick castle and matching them to the ones we have learnt about in history. We even had time to tackle the Horrible Histories Maze at the end of the day, which was a great adventure. The children behaved impeccably and it was a pleasure to see them so enthusiastic and inquisitive. What an exciting day!

Trip to Warwick Castle

25.02.20 - Today is Pancake Day and Year 1 had great fun following a recipe that told them how much flour, milk and eggs to mix together to make the perfect pancakes! They concentrated hard on the mixing part to ensure their batter was the perfect consistency. But if you ask them, I'm sure they will tell you that EATING the pancakes was the best part of the morning.

We also had a discussion about why we make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and have decided as a class that we will each be choosing a value that we would like to try harder to show at school and at home, from now until the end of Lent. It was a super discussion to finish off a very exciting morning!

Pancake Day

24.02.20 - In Science, Year 1 have been learning about the properties of different materials. They were set a task that required them to answer a question: Which material would be most suitable for an umbrella?

We discussed which materials might be waterproof and why this was important if we were using them to make an umbrella. We then decided to test 4 materials: plastic, wool, fabric and paper. Some of us had a good idea which one would prove to be the most suitable and wrote this down as a prediction. We then tested each material to see how much water it would allow to pass through it. Poor Ted (who was our test teddy) got very wet under the paper, wool and eventually the fabric too. But he stayed nice and dry under the plastic and Year 1 decided this would be the most suitable material for an umbrella. Great work Year 1!

Which material would be most suitable for an umbrella?

Have a look at what we will be learning about this term...

9.12.19 - This week in Maths, we have been learning about position and direction. We explored the different language we can use to describe position, direction and movement by verbally guiding our partners around an obstacle course. We had great fun telling them when to turn left and right, go in-between, around or near and up or down, forwards or backwards. Some of us even began to ask their partners to make whole, half and three quarter turns in both directions. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, which inspired some excellent learning from the class.

Position and Direction

3.12.19 - Today in Year 1 we made our own afternoon snack... vegetable soup! We peeled and chopped parsnips, carrots, swede and onions (making sure to have a cheeky taste of each vegetable), before boiling them altogether and adding chopped tomatoes, beans and vegetable stock to make a deliciously healthy snack for the whole class. It received rave reviews and the children were extremely proud of what they had achieved. 

Vegetable Soup

19.11.19 - Our attempt at making bowls from the Autumn leaves that cover our playground, did not go as planned. Although we used copious amounts of glue and only picked the best leaves from the bunches that we collected, the leaves didn't want to stick onto the balloon. However, we had great fun trying, and our lack of success lead to a big conversation about why it is ok for some things not to work out how we intended, and how we can plan to do better next time. 

Leaf Bowls

15.11.19 - The Rickshaw Challenge flew by in a few seconds but we were all there to wave them on their way down to London. Year 1 and the rest of Haynes behaved impeccably whilst waiting at the roadside and I couldn't be prouder of them.

The toy, book and cake sale was a huge success and our overall total raised for Children in Need was an amazing £450! Wow! 

A big, big thank you to all of the parents who walked with us down to the edge of Haynes or helped set up the stalls in the hall, it was a brilliant morning. Also, a big thank you to all of the children who picked a toy or a book to donate, there were some very generous children in Year 1. 

The Rickshaw Challenge 2019

Still image for this video

Children in Need

4.11.19 - In Science, Year 1 have been identifying and labelling parts of the human body. This week we have explored which part of the body is associated with each sense and have had great fun exploring how we use our five senses. 

The children had one of their senses taken away (sight) and were tasked with guessing what different objects were, using their other senses. They enjoyed exploring pasta and peas by taste, shaving foam and pumpkins by touch, water and shells by sound, vanilla and vinegar by smell and objects around the classroom by sight.

Exploring our senses

Autumn 2 - Welcome back Year 1! I hope you have all had a fantastic half term and a well deserved rest. We have a lot of things to look forward to in the week ahead with Diwali celebrations on Tuesday, Halloween on Thursday, the PTA Halloween Disco on Friday and I'm sure you will be watching some fireworks over the weekend, I know it will be!

Please make sure you stay safe and wrap up warm if you are venturing outside after school this week, it is getting very cold at night. 

15.10.11 - KS1 had great fun dressing up for Space Day this week. The effort that went into the children's costumes was 'out of this world'. The whole school were amazed by the amazing aliens, the awesome astronauts, the robust rockets and the perfect planets.

In the afternoon, the children were able to take their parents to view the excellent work that was created during space week. There were kitchen roll rockets, modroc planets, space mechanisms, Neil Armstrong fact files, fizzing planet experiment write-ups, rock-cakes and planet headbands to look at. All of the parents and staff were extremely impressed with the quality of the work produced. Well done to everyone who helped make Space Day such a success.

Space Week

8.10.19 - Today, the children were learning about odd and even numbers in Maths. We were very excited to have some parents join us for the Watch Me Learn session and the children were eager to show off their Math knowledge. The class were extremely proud of the odd and even ice cream cones that they created and we have put them up on display around the classroom. 

Odd and Even Numbers

1.10.11 - Today, KS1 completed their modroc planets. These have taken a few lessons to construct as we first had to layer modroc onto a balloon and leave it to dry for a week, before we could start to paint them. The children had a lot of fun dunking the modroc strips in water and then rubbing them onto the balloons, but they had to be very, very gentle or the balloon would go POP!

Once they were dry, the children used a photo of their planet to choose the correct colour to paint the modroc. They learnt to mix white with a colour to lighten it, or to mix two colours together to make a different colour entirely. We all had lots of messy fun and can't wait to show the parents our perfect planets on Space Day (15.10.11).

Modroc Planets