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Year 1


It is the end of our first week back and I am not sure about all of Year 1, but I am certainly tired! 

We have had so much fun just being back around each other, playing games, chatting, working as a team, communicating and helping each other. 

Today was our busiest day yet! We took part in the Census 2021 and decided to go on a walk to the woods and count the litter that we found there (picking up the litter as we went). We worked in pairs to make a tally chart of the different materials we found. We found litter made from: paper, card, plastic, metal and wood but we couldn't find any litter made from glass or textiles. All of the rubbish that we found went into our bin bags and we carried it all back to school with us and threw it into the big bin. 

After lunch, we wrote up our findings onto the Census sheets and received a certificate and sticker in return! 

What a busy day! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get lots of rest. I think it will be an early night for all of us tonight! 

Well done for a super first week back! 

See you next week. :) 


The sun was shining (for a little bit) so we decided to head outside this afternoon and move some more of the soil from our gardening area. The rain that we have had brought out a lot of worms so we had a competition to see who could find the biggest! We found some HUGE worms! Our gardening area is looking fantastic, ready for some more tyres to be delivered and made into flower beds! 

We can't wait for it to be finished so we can plant lots of vegetables, flowers and maybe even have a sunflower growing competition! 

Roll on summer! :) 


This afternoon, we played the Bingo game that Pixie the elf left us before Christmas. Year 1 loved looking for the numbers on their cards and helping their friends to spot the numbers too. It was hard to recognise some of the bigger numbers at first but everyone got better and better the more we played. 

We also spent a lot of time playing some team building games to practise taking turns, helping each other and working together. Year 1 were brilliant at this and everyone communicated with their team really well. 

See you tomorrow Year 1! :) 


Today, Year 1 have been very busy and we have spent a lot of time outside making the most of the sunshine. In Maths, we have been looking at height, so we decided to have a tower building competition to see which team could build the tallest tower! The block tower was huge... until it fell over. 

In the afternoon, Year 1 spent some time clearing our gardening area. We moved soil from the rotten bedding boxes and put it into bin bags to be used somewhere else. Lots of worms were in the soil and everyone had lots of fun trying to find the biggest worm! 

Well done for another super day Year 1.

See you tomorrow :)

08.03.21 - Our First Day Back!

The day is finally here! Year 1 are all back in the classroom and I don't think any of us stopped smiling all day!

We started the day with a catch-up chat over some busy fingers activities and then read a story that allowed us to talk about our feelings and emotions and identify the ones that we were feeling. Lots of us were feeling very happy and excited with just a little bit of nervousness mixed in too. We all agreed that this was perfectly ok and that we were probably feeling this way because it has been such a long time since we have all been together in the classroom.

After break, we went outside and collected sticks for our Maths lesson, lining them up altogether. We then compared the length of the sticks using the language: longest, shortest, longer and shorter. Some children found some VERY long sticks! 

Lunchtime was full of fun and games and the children got to explore all the new equipment in their lunchtime box and spent lots of time with their friends. It was lovely to see all the children playing so wonderfully together! 

After lunch, we took on the Egg Drop Challenge in which 4 groups of children had to make a protective casing around an egg using cardboard, bubblewrap, sellotape and a bin bag. It was then dropped from the top of the climbing frame and checked to see if it survived the fall! Everyone's egg survived the first round, but one egg didn't make it past the second round and made a big, sticky mess on the floor!

All of the children had a super busy day with their friends and I am sure they will sleep well tonight! 


See you all tomorrow, Year 1! 



27.11.20 - Vegetable Soup

Today, Year 1 became chefs and made their very own vegetable soup! We all had great fun taste testing the different vegetables prior to cooking. We tried carrots, swede, radishes, parsnips, courgettes and even a tiny bit of onion! Carrots were a firm favourite whilst radishes were definitely not! I was very impressed with how willing all the children were to try a piece of each vegetable. Some encouragement was needed at times, but every child tasted a small piece of every vegetable! Well done Year 1! :) 


The children then all had a go at peeling either a carrot or a parsnip and were supported in cutting their vegetable into small pieces.

To make our vegetable soup we fried onions and garlic together and then mixed in the vegetables, stock, a tin of mixed beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes. The children watched it boil and all mix together from a safe distance and then it was ready to serve up. Everyone had a small bowl as a 'starter' to their lunch and all agreed that it was delicious! 


We didn't want to waste any of the vegetable scraps we had left over so, after lunch, we took all of our food scraps out to the gardening area and sprinkled them on top of the soil so that the worms could eat them. We learnt a lot about worms when we had our class wormery so the children were very excited to give the vegetable scraps to our previous class pets! 


It was a busy, but fun day. Great job Year 1! :)

20.11.20 - Our Senses

In Science this week, we have been exploring our senses. We have learnt how many there are and which part of our body is associated with which sense. We had great fun using our senses to explore 5 different stations outside. There was a hearing station with drums, rain sticks and bells, there was a taste station with hot chocolate, marshmellows, milk and raisins, there was a smell station with coffee, soil, vanilla and lemon teabags, there was a sight station facing out towards the woods and there was a touch station with a teddy, an orange, shaving foam and playdough. 

Everyone had great fun and there was lots of laughter with the shaving foam! :)  

13.11.20 - Selfies!

In Computing this week, Year 1 have been learning to use the camera on an iPad and have started with the most important photo style of all... The Selfie! 

These super photos have not only made everyone in the class laugh, but they will also be used on a school display in which the whole school will get to see their own selfie. 

Well done Year 1! 


06.11.20 - Christmas Cards

It might be a little early for Christmas cards in some households, but not at Haynes! Year 1 have had great fun producing a super winter scene for their Christmas cards this year. 

The process for ordering the 'Art Projects for Schools' Christmas cards has changed slightly this year. The artwork will be sent home with the children and if you would like to order some products from APFS, then please return the artwork back to school and we will send it off to be scanned. 

Well done Year 1! :) 

23.10.20 - Have a great half term! 

Wow! What a super half term we have had! Year 1 have risen to every challenge and achieved so much with their excellent attitudes to learning. They have returned to school after such a long time away and have blown me away with their resilience and hard work.
Have a restful half term holiday, Year 1... you’ve earned it. 

15.10.20 - Nature Mandalas

Today, Year 1 used as many natural objects as they could find to create a variety of nature mandalas. They worked in groups to create their artwork, carefully arranging pine cones, leaves, sticks, flowers and stones in circles and patterns to create their nature mandalas. The wind wasn't our friend today and it was a race to finish the mandalas and take a photo before the wind blew all the children's hard work away. But Year 1 showed resilience and determination and we finally managed to finish and photograph the nature mandalas!

Well done Year 1! :) 

12.10.20 - Nature Mandalas

06.10.20 - > < =

In Maths today, Year 1 have been continuing their learning on comparing groups and have began to start using the symbols for 'more than (>), 'less than' (<) and 'equal to' (=).

We took our learning outside and, after using the correct language to describe our two groups, we then drew the correct symbol between the two groups and asked other children to use the symbol to correctly compare the two groups. Everyone worked really hard and had great fun deciding which group the crocodile was going to eat!

Well done Year 1! :)

02.10.20 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

After reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' in English this week, we decided to re-enact the story by going on our own Bear Hunt! We made binoculars out of rolled up paper and packed our imaginary backpacks with things we thought we would need and off we went. 

Following the story we went through: long, wavy grass; a deep, cold river; thick, oozy mud; a big, dark forest; a swirling, whirling snowstorm; and a narrow gloomy cave where we found the bear! 

Great work Year 1! 


02.10.20 - Bike to School Week

Year 1 have had great fun cycling or scooting to school this week. On Monday and Friday afternoon we were able to have a ride around the playground, showing off everyone's super skills! They all rode super well!  

Well done Year 1. :)