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Year 2

Maths - 21/09/2020

Week - 14/09/2020

Reading to Buddy in year 2!

Year 2 Long Term Plan

Science - 14/09 - Using everyday materials!

Transition Day - 11th September 2020

Google Classroom - Safe and Responsible Usage Document

19.3.20 Waterproof materials experiment

11.3.20 Painting clay models

4.3.20 - Clay models

4.3.20 - painting shapes to identify the 2D shapes on the faces of 3D shapes.

26.2.20 - Warwick Castle!

25.2.20 - Pancake Day

7.2.20 - Face for fears

6.2.20 - Robert the Bruce and the Spider

31.1.20 - combining sounds in music

Still image for this video
In music we started to combine sounds using body percussion.

30.1.20 - The Lost Sheep drama

23.1.20 - Collected and presenting data using tables, tally charts, pictograms and blockgraphs

21.1.20 - Making Pho

20.1.20 - What do sugary drinks do to our teeth?

20.1.20 - Science enquiry - What is the best way to clean our hands?

16.1.20 - Measurement

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about measurement of length, height and mass in maths. Today the children applied all of this knowledge to solve measurement challenges.

14.1.20 - Dinosaur dance workshop

13.1.20 - Science enquiry - what changes happen to our bodies when we exercise?

8.1.20 - Making Pad Thai

Have a look at what we will be learning about this term...

Tuesday 17th December 2019

A massive well done to all of the KS1 children! Over the last few weeks they have been working so hard to sing songs beautifully, act out their words clearly and put on a wonderful show for you all. They did themselves proud. Well done to each and every one of you!

Friday 13th December - Dress rehearsal done, ready for our performances on Monday!

Monday 9th December 2019

In History today we have a debate. We were considering why people wanted to kill King James I. We were giving different options to consider and debate with our class mates.


Friday 6th December 2019

What an exciting week! This week we have had the chance to go to the Village Hall to practise the Christmas performance. The children have been singing beautifully, getting into character superbly and have remembered their words amazingly. You are in for a treat.

This week we have started to learn about time in maths and the children have been reading the time shown on an analogue clock. Next week we will be drawing our own hands on clock to show times.

At the beginning of the week, we received a letter from Santa so we spent our English lessons planning and writing letters back to Santa. We've also had an elf called Ralph join our class this week who has come to watch us and keep an eye on us, before reporting back to Santa.

28th November 2019

The children have been working hard this week, continuing to learn about The Gunpowder Plot. They have made their own books that sequence the events of what happen and they look lovely up in the classroom.

They have finished writing their own versions of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' were they made some adaptations to the original story. They chose a different animal that they were looking for and chose different habitats too.

As well as all of that, they have been practising the Christmas performance. Not long now!

28.11.19 - Our class displays

25.11.19 - Matching young to their adult

21.11.19 - The Gunpowder Plot drama

21.11.19 - exploring the features of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

20.11.19 - Multiplication and division board game

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

In English this week (week beginning 11th November), we have started to learn about a text called 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We have enjoyed watching Michael Rosen perform the story on a video and then used this to help us perform the story in small groups. We have been picking out the key adjectives that are used in the story to help us write our own expanded noun phrases.

Pictures of some of our 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' freeze frames

Firework poetry

Monday 4th November

Since returning back to school we have been exploring the features of poems and have been using our senses to describe different aspects of fireworks and bonfire night. We have also spent some time performing poems too. This week we will be planning and writing our own poems, applying the features we have been exploring.

The children enjoying listening to 'Fantastic Mr Fox'

Space week

2.10.19 - constructing letters

Modroc models

18.9.19 - Representing two-digit numbers in different ways

12.9.19 - Space timelines

11.9.19 - The Way Back Home drama

4.9.19 - Aliens

Our first week in Year 2:

We have had a great first week back and have been very busy. 

We started our week with designing and creating our own aliens using different materials. The children's final products are brilliant. We had a lovely walk to the woods where the children explored the different habitats and the animals that live in them. We have started to learn about the world and the seven continents and five oceans that it is made up of. To end our first week we had a fire on the field where we sang camp fire songs and ate marshmallows and biscuits. What a great start to Year 2!

We are looking forward to seeing you all back on Monday.

Our first week

Autumn 2019 Medium Term Plan Overview

July 2019

Dance - June 2019

Volcanoes - June 2019

Today the children made vanilla ice cream 6/6/2019

Spellings - 04/06/2019

Marshmallow Igloos 25/04/2019

Judo - March 2019

Thank you to all the parents that came in to read with year 2!

In Science the children have been looking at health and hygiene. They have used eggs to see the effects of some drinks on our teeth!

We are currently reading Harry Potter! The children are creating their own Diagon Alley shop!

In Maths year 2 have been look at 2D and 3D shapes!

History - Sharing facts about King Alfred 23.01.2019

PE - Football 22.01.2019

Creating different sounds, looking at tempo and dynamics! 10.1.19

Julia Donaldson Drama 8.1.19

African drumming 14.12.18

Well done to all the children in KS1 for a brilliant Nativity performance!

Spotacular for Children in Need!



Year 2's MyMaths homework will be set each Friday to be completed by the following Friday.


This gives you a week to access the task, practise as necessary and as frequently as you would like, and then complete the questions for the homework section. We will be able to see when you have completed the task and how well you have got on which will help us to know if you might need a little bit more help. You can complete the questions more than once if you would like to try to improve your score. If you have any questions - please ask. 

Arranging the continents and getting to know the oceans.

African inspired dessert! (Was not a hit!)

Play-doh apostrophes!

Painting our poppies for remembrance!

Making two digit numbers in various ways!

Welcome back! Here is our topic overview for the Autumn term, our topic this term is Africa!

28.6.18 - Timetable races

28.6.18 - constructing and labelling a newspaper article

26.6.18 - Sports festival

21.6.18 - Our trip to Hunstanton

20.6.18 - cress heads

12.6.18 - KS1's rounders competition

Physical activity challenge

12.6.18 - Adjective treasure hunt

Friday 8th June 2018

The children have settled back into school really well and have impressed us with their hard-working attitudes. We have started a new book in English called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and the children have spent time this week planning alternative endings and writing their own version of the story.

We have been doing time work in maths which the chidlren have really impressed us with. This week we have focused on reading the time on a clock and next week we will focus on showing the time on a clock by drawing our own hands.

We are continue to monitor the growth of our plants in Science and the transformation over our week is school was incredible.

Today we have a visit from Carl who did a gym workshop with us. You can see pictures and videos below.

What an exciting term ahead!

8.6.18 - Gymnastics workshop

Marvellous Middle

Our beans after 6 weeks of growing

23.5.18 - capacity work

18.5.18 - Sand art

Royal wedding celebrations

18.4.18 - Walk around Haynes

17.4.18 - Planting

KS1 topic overview - Flying high

Clay models

22.3.18 - Clay models

In DT we have been designing and creating our own clay dinosaur or dragon models. We have used the clay to create our models this afternoon and on Monday we will be painting them. Keep posted to see pictures of the final product!


15.3.18 Science day!


7.3.18 - Warwick

What an exciting day in Warwick! The children had so much fun at Warwick today exploring the castle, look in the Great Hall and completing the maze. Keep posted to see some pictures of what we got up to!

Thank you to all of you who entered a piece of writing into the writing competition. I enjoyed reading them all and it was wonderful to see the amount of hard work that you have all put in to your texts. Below is a list of the winners from each class.

















1.3.18 - World Book Day

Firstly, thank you for the effort that you put in to the children's costumes. They all looked great and were very excited about being dress up for the day. 

The children spent the day in their teams and learnt about different authors. They did lots of exciting activities based around this author.

Lots of the children have entered some fabulous pieces of writing into the writing competition and the winners will be announced soon.

Below are some quotes from the children about this week:

"I liked dress up day because I like to wear my dresses."

"I  liked making puppets because we can pretend that they are us."

"I liked the writing competition because I liked writing flamingo facts."

"I liked book swap because there were loads of books to choose."

"I liked when parents came in and read us stories."

"I’ve liked having family members in to read because I like hearing different stories."

"I’ve liked all of this week because it’s been lots of fun."

"I’ve enjoyed book day because we are all dressed up and I liked seeing what other people were dressed up as."

"I liked the book swap because I now have lots of new books to read."

9.2.18 - warm bananas

17.1.18 - Dragon eggs!

Today, the eggs arrived at school. They arrived with a letter that was written in dragonese. We had to decode the letter and try and work out what it was telling us. It was a letter from a mummy dragon who asked us to look after her baby dragons until she was safe. She will be coming back to collect them soon.

17.1.18 - exploring the dragon eggs

16.1.18 - An egg delivery

Today, eggs arrived at Miss Grimsey's house for us to look after. We're not sure what is inside yet but we have made some great predictions and have written all about what happened.

Dinosaurs and Dragons