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Year 4

A Wonderful Half Term in Year 4

Wow! What a marvellous start to the year these children have made. They’ve returned to school after much longer off than ever before and have risen to every challenge. They’re working their socks off and I couldn’t be a prouder teacher. 
Have a super half term holiday, Year 4. You’ve earned it. 

Exploring ink and watercolours

In Computing, this half term, we have enjoyed learning about e-safety and have found out how to: be sharp, be alert, be secure and be kind online. 


To 'be sharp' online, we have learnt that we must think carefully before we share information that belongs to ourselves or others.

To 'be alert' online, we have learned how to check if a website is secure and have found out what to look out for to check that emails and messages are genuine. 

To 'be secure' online, we have found out how to create strong passwords that keep our accounts and ourselves safe. 

To 'be kind' online, we have learned to recognise poor behaviour online and have discussed how to turn negative comments into positive ones.


Each lesson, we have discussed how important it is to tell a trusted adult if something upsets us online.


We have loved using the games on to consolidate our learning. You might like to play them at home!

Here we are learning about e-safety on the game 'Interland'

Making predictions about the end of 'Ice Palace' using freeze frames

Comparing and ordering 4-digit numbers in Maths. We managed to put the whole class in the correct order!

We were proud of our Science work on the life cycle of plants.

We are enjoying Bike and Scooter to School Week

We have started to learn the ukulele and enjoyed performing a song in small groups.

A shrine made at home!

Maths games have helped us learn how to split 1000 into 2, 4, 5 and 10 equal parts.

A great week in Year 4!

We enjoyed our RE lesson, learning about the shrines which Hindus use when they pray. We created one together as a class.

Year 4 Long Term Plan - What Will We Learn This Year?

Transition Day - 11th September 2020

Google Classroom - Safe and Responsible Usage Document

Chloe's History PowerPoint is amazing so have a look!

Busy at Home

Lydia's Colosseum

Bouncy Fun!

Mosaic Printing

Investigating the Impact of Sugar on our Teeth (aka: eggs!)

Stepping back in time to Verulamium

Fun Ways to Practise Times Tables


We all know that knowing our times tables will help us in many areas of Maths and will be useful in day-to-day life as we get older. Below are some interactive games to help with learning them in different ways. For most of the games, you can select the times table that you wish to focus on meaning you can work towards becoming confident in the multiplication tables that you find the most tricky.


All games are 'tablet-friendly'.



Hit the Button:


Coconut Multiples:


Daily 10:


Maths Fishing:


Tommy's Trek:

Please Read!

Multiplication Tables Check


This year, the government have introduced a statutory multiplication check for children in Year 4 across the country.


The test is challenging as it requires children to have rapid and accurate recall in order to work out the answer, type the answer correctly, and to submit it within 6 seconds. As a result, the children require practice both to learn their times tables facts with fluency, and to respond to the style of assessment so that they can best demonstrate their abilities.


Please use the following instructions to access an activity to support your child in learning their times tables and preparing for the multiplication check. The game takes the same format as the government multiplication check  which the children will complete at school later this academic year.


The check will have:

  • 3 practice questions
  • 25 questions
  • 6 seconds to answer each question
  • 2 x to 12 x multiplication tables


To access the game:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Select the 'Sign In' button in the top, right hand corner. 
  3. Use the PIN: JM4269 to enter the game.


Please support your child in accessing the game, allow them to answer the questions independently then use the results to support children in learning the tables which they are still uncertain on. 


You can use this game as frequently as you would like to but we request that you access it at least once a week.


Many thanks for your continued support.

Shrove Tuesday!

What a great judo session!

We had great fun sleeping over in the school hall!

Today we explored structures and made prototypes in DT

We're working hard to learn how to spell our homophones

It was great fun learning to dance Rock'n'Roll!

Spring Term 2020 Medium Term Overview

Sportshall Athletics


Congratulations to the Year 4 children who attended the Sportshall Athletics competition in Bedford today. It was fantastic to hear about your passion and determination in this sporting event. I was also delighted to hear that you showed the values by encouraging your friends in each event that they participated in. Well done!

Feeling Festive!

It was great fun making our elf hats for our school Christmas dinner this week!

Bedtime Stories

We loved learning the J-Sax this term and developing our music reading skills

Investigating Rivers of the United Kingdom

History Research

'The Explorer' Role Play - investigating characters within stories

Our class story this half term is 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell

Have you ever read 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell? The exciting story is our class novel this half term and we are having great fun reading it. The adventure is based in the Amazon rainforest, when four children are involved in a plane crash and find themselves all alone in the vast jungle, uncertain of what to do. It's interesting to see how the characters are changing as they battle for survival in this thrilling adventure story!

Year 4 Autumn Term 2019 Medium Term Plan Overview

What will Year 4 learn this year?

Welcome back to the second half of Autumn Term! I hope you all had a great holiday. 

We started the week celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali. It was fun to work alongside children from other classes to learn about the story of Rama and Sita, decorations used at Diwali time and to find out how people around the world celebrate Diwali.


A Wonderful Visit the the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum

Exploring different media to create images of The Iron Man

We used drama to make predictions about the end of 'The Iron Man'.

I asked the children: 'What is Learning?'

Well Done to our Tag Rugby Team - an excellent effort and performance!

We enjoyed the MUGA Opening Ceremony and can't wait to start using it.

Enjoying Bike to School Week

Investigating Insulators and Conductors

Mastering Column Subtraction with Exchanging

Courageous Children


I couldn't have been more proud today! So many of the children in our class stood up and spoke passionately about why they would like to be part of the School Council or the Eco Council and what they had to offer. I was impressed by the quantity of children who had spent time thinking, talking and writing about this at home and had come with lots of new ideas to contribute to the running of our school.

Next, the children will think carefully about what was said and will cast their votes for who they would like on the councils.


Below are just a few of the candidates!

Courageous Children

Looking For a New Favourite Book?


The 'School Reading List' website has compiled lists of recommended books for each year group that they think the children will fall in love with. Some of them are firm favourites here at Haynes already, some are on our shelves waiting to be read and others I haven't heard of before... but I'd love to know your opinion.


Browse the list and see how many you've read already! Perhaps choose one you'd like to read!


Follow the link: 

The Iron Man


Wow! Year 4 are loving The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and have created some truly wonderful work inspired by the story. We've had story openings, diary entries, newspapers and now we are thinking about letter writing. Each piece of work seems to be better than the last making me a very happy teacher indeed!

We've also created 'robotic' hands in DT and have produced impressive sketches and pastel pictures of the mighty metal monster! We can't wait to share them all with you! 




PTA Leaver's Disco for Year 4

Year 4 'Leavers Meal'

Congratulations to all of Year 4 for their excellent sportsmanship, values and sporting skills at Sports Day today. I was a very proud teacher!


A special mention to our wonderful Sports Ambassadors who ran the events in the morning so competently! We were impressed by your confidence and leadership skills. 

Multiplication Tables Check


Please use the following instructions to access an activity to support your child in learning their times tables and preparing for the multiplication check. The game takes the same format as the government multiplication check  which the children will complete at school within the next couple of weeks.


The check will have:

  • 3 practice questions
  • 25 questions
  • 6 seconds to answer each question
  • 2 x to 12 x multiplication tables


To access the game:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Select the 'My Lessons' tab. 
  3. Use the PIN: JM4269 to enter the game.


Please support your child in accessing the game, allow them to answer the questions independently then use the results to support children in learning the tables which they are still uncertain on. 


Many thanks for your continued support.





The half term holidays are upon us and it's hard to believe that the first half of Summer Term is through! Didn't it fly by? 


The children have worked very hard and made pleasing progress this half term. They have come a long way in their writing and with their mental maths skills. To assist in maintaining this momentum, it would be really helpful if you could work on a few things with your children over the coming weeks. Please see below.


  • Homophones - helping children to spot the correct use of homophones in books that they are reading and helping them to practise these words in context will really help to raise the level of their work. Please focus on: there/their/they'reyour/you'reare/ourwhere/were.
  • Multiplication and Division - we have focused heavily on becoming fluent in times tables over the past half term. Please continue to practise these on a regular basis. If your child has rapid recall of the multiplication tables, encourage them to be just as speedy with division facts. You could use MyMaths to support this. 
  • Reading - All of your children have been heard reading twice this week, with many moving up a stage. Please read regularly at home and talk about the texts that you read. Maybe your child might even deserve a treat of a new book for all of their hard work this half term! A trip to a book shop could be just the motivation needed to get reading!
  • Spellings - At October parent consultations, you were given a list of the statutory spelling words for Year 3 and 4. Nationally, these are words children are expected to be able to spell by the time they leave Year 4. Practising a few at a time, starting with the ones your child would most frequently use, will help them significantly. Please see the list below.
  • Vocabulary - Encourage your child to spot and discuss words that they like when reading, and to apply these in their own writing. We'd like the children to be more adventurous with their vocabulary in their writing to really help bring it to life!



This is not a request that you spend all of the holiday doing homework, simply some pointers in case you're keen to further support your child at home throughout their last term at Haynes. Some like to 'switch off' while other children like to keep busy! 


Whatever your plans for the holiday, I hope that you enjoy quality time together as a family.


Thank you for your continued support.




Book Reviews


Now that we have finished the story 'Ice Palace', the children have written narrative poems based on the story as well as book reviews to share their opinions on the novel. Below, are a selection of the children's thoughts.


Ice Palace Book Review (by Louis)

   Ivan is a young boy who lived with his mother, father and brother. One day, his brother was kidnapped so he went to go and find him. He trudged through snow and got attacked by wolves. Will this ever end? Will he save his brother? Will he even survive? 
   I like this novel because of its description and vocabulary. It was a joy to read and discuss this amazing book. I think you will like it too! 
   I would recommend this book to all ages as it was a joy to read, also it was fun and exciting.

   This book is a quest book because Ivan has to go and find his brother. 
   I rate this book 7/10!


Ice Palace Book Review  (by Olivia L)


   Ice Palace is about a boy called Ivan who goes on a mission to find his brother. The setting of the story is icy, cold and dark. This book is brilliant because there are lots of things he comes across on his journey. I was always intrigued to read more of the story. I rate this book five stars because of the detailed writing. 

   One of the characters in this book is called Ivan, the main character, who has a mother and father, also a brother. Another character is Starjik, the child catcher. It's good he didn't capture me, don't you think!? My favourite character in Ice Palace is Ivan because he goes on lots of great adventures.

The author of this book, Ice Palace, is Robert Swindells.


Ice Palace - Robert Swindells (by Alexa)

   Have you ever read the book 'Ice Palace'?

   This book is all about a little boy called Ivan. Ivan lives with his little brother, his mother and his father, the blacksmith. In the dead of night, there's a person called Starjik who is known as a child taker. He comes out at night when everyone has their shutters closed and after he had been, no one would hear a sound out of him except for the family member that Starjik had taken. But who will Starjik take next? What will happen next? 

   This book is set in a cold and snowy place where the trees are full of snow, summer is short and bright as a celandine and winter is as long and cold as an icicle. 

   My favourite character would have to be Ican because he had to save children.  

   I would recommend it to anyone aged above 5.
   I would rate it 4/5 because I like the setting and the characters. 
   Would you like to read this book?


Ice Palace by Robert Swindells (by Freddy)


     Have you ever read the book Ice Palace? Well if not, you're in for a treat. 

     It's about a boy who goes on a quest to find his little brother and goes through all sorts of dangerous problems. His little brother gets snatched by an evil person called Starjik. The end part is happy in my opinion, but I'm not going to tell you it!

     This is a quest story to find a little brother. The person who tries to find his little brother is called Ivan. He is very brave and fearless. 

     I would recommend this book to people that like quest stories. This is a quest story and so is Finding Nemo. I think it's nearly the same because Nemo's on a quest to find his Dad. The setting isn't the same because Ice Palace is set in a snowy and very cold setting but Nemo is water themed. 

    In my opinion, this book is 8/10. Class wise, I would recommend it to Years 3 and 4. You would find it around in libraries and shops like Waterstones. 




Our Class Novel

We are thoroughly enjoying the story 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells. The quest story, set in an icy land within a pine-wood, tells the tale of heroic Ivan who sets off to find his beloved brother who has gone missing. Facing many pitfalls on his way, the story has left us all wondering if Ivan will make it in time to rescue his brother and to save himself!

Swimming Lessons


Wow, Year 4! We are so impressed with you all and your attitude, behaviour and progress in your swimming lessons this half term.


It was a joy to bring the children to Flitwick Leisure Centre for swimming lessons each week. We have watched them grow in confidence in the water and build their ability to swim longer distances in a variety of strokes.


The children who are beginning to learn how to swim amazed me with the development in their confidence and attitudes to the water. They demonstrated the Values of courage and determination as they pushed themselves to try new things each week. It was wonderful to watch! 


For the accomplished swimmers, it was a pleasure to see you refine your techniques and enjoy swimming alongside your classmates. Well done.


Today, it was a joy to see all of the children having lots of fun with the floats at the end of the session to celebrate their achievements over the series of lessons.


We also want to congratulate the children on their exemplary behaviour during the lessons. We were delighted to receive a phone call at school, from a member of the public, to say how impressed they were with the children's behaviour in the leisure centre. The children were impressively speedy, sensible and a pleasure to bring each week.


Well done lovely children of Year 4!



Summer Term


We're back to school with a bang this half term and it's busier than ever! Our topic for Summer Term is Fire and Ice and we're already getting into it in English, History, Geography, Science and Art! 


Year 4 were interest to learn about Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic. They enjoyed discovering his journey through the story 'Ice Trap' and investigating the truth behind the adventure in History using a range of sources. The children worked together in art to think about the night skies that they might find in the polar regions and created some landscapes with a variety of pencils, ink and watercolours. The results were beautiful!


Last week, we enjoyed taking part in the project 'Marvellous Maps' with a representative of the Greensand Trust. This Geography-focused day helped us to explore a range of maps, plot key landmarks of Haynes onto sketch maps and follow a route around the village. The children enjoyed our walk, completing a quiz about the village, a field sketch and a collage to explore the colour palette in Plummers Copse. In the afternoon, the children worked together to mark a large map of Haynes, putting their houses into position as well as other key buildings from around Haynes. A fabulous day was had by all!


Swimming lessons have commenced and we are loving these. The children are making rapid progress in their swimming groups and are trying out a range of strokes as well as diving down to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. The children's behaviour and organisation each week has been exemplary. Well done Year 4.



Fun and Frolics in France!

Spring in our Step!

Judo Taster Session

Solving Maths Problems

World Book Day Costumes

A wonderful visit to Cadbury's World

Our team of gymnasts impressed at the Gymnastics festival at Flitwick Leisure Centre

Chinese New Year Crafts

KS2 really enjoyed the Baby Shark vocal warm up from our Sing Out Play Out session!

Investigating Temperatures in Science

We've been enjoying many tasty 'Take Home Tasks'!

A Golden Ticket Winner!

Enjoying the chilly weather - we decided it must be 0 degrees celsius as the snowman lasted a very long time!

Gymnastics - straddle rolls from standing

Take One Picture - Recreating a Lion Portrait in the style of Henry Fraser