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Year 4

Can you believe that we have almost finished the first half term of Year 4? The weeks have whizzed by in a flash as they have been so busy and full of learning. 


The children have grasped each learning opportunity with both hands. We have built on the firm foundations of Year 3 learning in our Maths lessons this half term, focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. In English, we have enjoyed reading the story The Firework Maker's Daughter and have produced high quality writing including newspaper reports, letters and alternative chapters. 


We've loved our electricity learning in Science, making circuits and testing out conductors and insulators. In History, it's been fascinating to learn about the Early Islamic Civilisation and all the incredible scientific and mathematical developments that came from Baghdad over 1000 years ago. In Geography, we have developed our learning of longitude and latitude, time zones, hemispheres, the tropics and the polar regions. We have enjoyed exploring charcoal and printing in Art. In PE, the children have shown growing flexibility and strength in gymnastics, and developing technique in multi-skills lessons. In Music, we have enjoyed learning about gospel music and learning and performing the song 'The Little Light of Mine' joyfully with added movement and actions. 


Well done for your continued efforts and hard work, Year 4. 

Enjoying the library

Protons, neutrons, electrons... but what makes a material a conductor and which materials conduct electricity?

In English today, we used drama to develop dialogue. I was really impressed with the children's use of new vocabulary which they have learned from our class book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'

We are loving visiting the library and choosing from a wide range of books. We visit as a class on Mondays but children can visit on Thursday lunchtimes too!

We made predictions about complete and incomplete circuits then tested our theories

Times tables are a vital part of our maths learning in Year 4 and we have begun by counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 9 this week

We are working hard to build our understanding of chronology and concurrence.

History: The Early Islamic Civilisation


We have been enjoying our history learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation and the city at its heart: Baghdad. 

As well as building our knowledge of facts about the city, we are trying to develop our understanding of world history and how the periods that we have studied fit together. 

Today, we made a timeline by finding out about how long each civilisation lasted, and creating a strip of paper where 10cm represented 100 years. We couldn’t believe how long some of the strips were! Afterwards, we put the timeline together to see what order the civilisations happened in and which happened in concurrence. 

A Guide to Reading with Children

Our Learning This Year - Year 4 Long Term Plan 2021-2022

How You Can Help at Home This Half Term


  • Regularly read a variety of books and talk about their content
  • Practise the weekly spellings in dfferent ways and revisit tricky ones
  • Talk about and explore children's areas of interest - discussion is one of the best ways of acquiring new vocabulary which is the key to unlocking so many other things
  • Practise times tables regulary and in different ways. This game is always popular!:


Continuing our e-safety learning, we enjoyed exploring how to make our accounts secure with passwords and embedding this learning on ‘Interland’

We enjoyed learning about simple series circuits in Science

It was a busy second week in Year 4 and the children have applied themselves well to their learning. 


We are enjoying our class text 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman and exploring the characters in reading lessons. We have written descriptions of the settings and characters, and also written letters between Lila and her father Lalchand, focusing on organising our ideas into paragraphs.


Our maths learning focuses on Place Value and this week we learned about rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We identified the previosu or next multiple of 10/100/1000 then applied the rules for rounding to round the numbers. We applied this learning in different contexts and used reasoning to explain our ideas. Next, we are going to focus on being more specific in our reasoning answers, using numbers and examples to support our ideas. 


Well done for your hard work across the curriculum this week, Year 4.

Our Wonderful New Year 4s!

Making memories!

What a wonderful first day at Chellington!

In History, we held a debate about whether William the Conqueror was a successful King of England. Some excellent points were made for both sides of the argument!

Today we recapped telling the time to 5 minute intervals.

Today we spoke to a Landscape Architect & Planner all about her geographical fieldwork and how it plays an important part in her job. She taught us about the steps involved in planning, carrying out, analysing presenting her findings. She told us about the projects she has worked on such as planning wind farms, housing developments and service stations. We were inspired!

Today’s downpour meant gymnastics instead of athletics. Great strength and flexibility shown today!

We recapped primary and secondary colours today and talked a out how colour creates mood and feeling. We based our discussion on Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’

Nous avons appris les mots pour les vêtements!

The 8th June was World Oceans Day. We have been fascinated to find out about what is happening in our oceans and how we can work to save them.

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World Oceans Day

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We have been thinking about chronology and enjoyed using books about the past to order and sequence time periods from British and world history. We had great discussions using vocabulary linked to chronology and then created timelines which helped us to understand that lots of things were happening at the same time in different parts of the world.

We enjoyed the Quad Kids festival today! We ran 400m, 50m, completed the long jump and the javelin.

Geography Fieldwork: getting to know our area, field sketches, mapping routes and posing questions. Lots of fun!