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Year 4

We have been enjoying reading and the wonderful new selection of books on our class reading shelf!

Our Islands learning led us to the Caribbean Sea and its tropical fish selection!

Solids... liquids... gases... what are they?

And how do their particles move?

We have been recapping our place value knowledge and estimation this week.

We are proud of the progress we have made in our circuit training for the third week in a row!

Today we turned our Viking head sketches into clay models. It was fun and we were proud of the outcome! We like the different sense of character in each face. We’ll show you them again when they’re dry!

We have been learning about the Easter story and enjoyed discussing the significance and symbolism of each of these artefacts. We all had different opinions about which order we would place them in order of importance when thinking about the meaning of Easter. We discussed how it could be different for Christians and others. The children offered excellent justifications for their ideas and participated brilliantly in the conversations, valuing one another’s views.

We enjoyed creating these portraits of Viking warriors, thinking carefully about proportion and realistic facial features!

We are on our second week of circuit training this week and we were delighted to ALL beat our personal scores from last week. We can see the progress that we have made from keeping physically active each day. We weren't quite so achey the next day either!

Investigating equivalent fractions

We worked hard building up our fitness in circuit training! Star jumps, the plank, burpees... and more!

8th March 2021


It was a delight to welcome you all back to school and to see how pleased you all were to be back together again. Well done for such a super first day back in school! You worked hard on our How To Train Your Dragon work, in the times table game that we played and in history, working together to show me what you know about Vikings. It was great to see your communication and co-operation in our team games today too.


Well done everybody! I’m looking forward to more fun together tomorrow. 

Miss McCullion

Sharing our Vikings Learning

We enjoyed the opening of ‘How to Train You Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell and then created our own version

Co-operation and Communication skills were practised in ‘Amoeba Tag’ this afternoon!

Happy New Year!


I am disappointed not to be welcoming you all back into the classroom this morning, ready for a brand new term full of friendship, learning and fun. Instead, we will use Google Classroom, just as we did last time, to set work and to keep in contact. I look forward to hearing from you all on there. 


Best wishes,

Miss McCullion

We had great fun at our Christmas party, playing games and enjoying our special gifts.

Festive fun in our handmade Elf Hats for our special Christmas Lunch!

Carol Singing in Haynes - it was a pleasure to see the children singing so beautifully for the people around the village.

Christmas Bedtime Stories

Exploring factor pairs using arrays

It was a joy to share our alternative chapters for The Firework-Maker’s Daughter

Which material would make the best curtains for a baby’s bedroom?

Thinking about Diwali

Investigating Stone Age art

Using place value to multiply and divide by 10 and 100!

Some of us were finding it a little bit tricky to remember what happens to a number when we multiply or divide it by 100. Today, we left our books behind and used different resources to help us learn what happens. 

When a number is multiplied by 10, it moves ONE place value column to the LEFT.
When a number is multiplied by 100, it moves TWO place value columns to the LEFT.

When a number is divided by 10, it moves ONE place value column to the RIGHT.

When a number is divided by 100, it moves TWO place value columns to the RIGHT.


We used digit cards to help us to divide 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers by 100 today, moving the cards along 2 place value columns to the right.

Some of us then used this skill to convert units of measure such as pennies to pounds and centimetres to metres. 


We think we have understood it now!

Active Playtimes!

We know how important it is to be physically active as it helps to keep our bodies and minds healthy. At playtime and lunchtime we enjoy skipping, tennis and football amongst many other activities. It's a great way to get our bodies moving and to have fun with our friends. Some of the children have been working on beating their personal best in skipping. We had 100 and 115 skips in a row today! We've enjoyed trying skipping in a group, skipping with run ins, skipping in pairs and skipping with two ropes!

Multiplication Tables Check


This year, the children will take part in a statutory multiplication check for children in Year 4 across the country.


The test is challenging as it requires children to have rapid and accurate recall in order to work out the answer, type the answer correctly, and to submit it within 6 seconds. As a result, the children require practice both to learn their times tables facts with fluency, and to respond to the style of assessment so that they can best demonstrate their abilities.


Please use the following instructions to access an activity to support your child in learning their times tables and preparing for the multiplication check. The game takes the same format as the government multiplication check  which the children will complete at school later this academic year.


The check will have:

  • 3 practice questions
  • 25 questions
  • 6 seconds to answer each question
  • 2 x to 12 x multiplication tables


To access the game:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Select the 'Sign In' button in the top, right hand corner. 
  3. Use the PIN: JM4269 to enter the game.


Please support your child in accessing the game, allow them to answer the questions independently then use the results to support children in learning the tables which they are still uncertain on. 


You can use this game as frequently as you would like to but we request that you access it at least once a week.


Many thanks for your continued support.

Diwali Celebrations


In RE this term, we first learned about the Hindu faith and more recently we have started finding out about Sikhism. Both of these faiths celebrate Diwali for different reasons. This week, we have learned about the similarities and differences between the Hindu and Sikh celebrations and we have revisited the stories behind this special festival of light. 

The children addressed some thought-provoking questions about Diwali, such as: what would happen if it was banned? Who is more important, Lakshmi or Rama? What is the true meaning of Diwali? The children had some excellent ideas and discussion. 

Thinking carefully about the story, children took charge of Sita’s Twitter feed and pondered: ‘If Sita was a Tweeter, what would Sita Tweet?’  They had some great ideas and produced high quality work. 

Afterwards, they identified the key themes of the Hindu story of Rama and Sita such as the triumph of good over evil. They used these ideas to write a recipe for a Diwali firework (an important aspect of celebrations for both Hindus and Sikhs) which included dollops of loyalty, tablespoons of light over darkness and a litre of good over evil! The children then used collage to design what the firework would look like, as you can see below. 

What a lot of learning and a super day!

We designed Diwali fireworks based on the themes of the story of Rama and Sita

Remembrance Day


Today we discussed the significance of Remembrance Day, why it is marked and why poppies are a symbol used at this time of year. The children had an excellent discussion, showing understanding and sensitivity about the subject. We walked down to the village war memorial and held a two minutes silence to reflect and remember the soldiers who have fought for our country. 

Investigating reflection in Science

A Wonderful Half Term in Year 4

Wow! What a marvellous start to the year these children have made. They’ve returned to school after much longer off than ever before and have risen to every challenge. They’re working their socks off and I couldn’t be a prouder teacher. 
Have a super half term holiday, Year 4. You’ve earned it. 

Exploring ink and watercolours

In Computing, this half term, we have enjoyed learning about e-safety and have found out how to: be sharp, be alert, be secure and be kind online. 


To 'be sharp' online, we have learnt that we must think carefully before we share information that belongs to ourselves or others.

To 'be alert' online, we have learned how to check if a website is secure and have found out what to look out for to check that emails and messages are genuine. 

To 'be secure' online, we have found out how to create strong passwords that keep our accounts and ourselves safe. 

To 'be kind' online, we have learned to recognise poor behaviour online and have discussed how to turn negative comments into positive ones.


Each lesson, we have discussed how important it is to tell a trusted adult if something upsets us online.


We have loved using the games on to consolidate our learning. You might like to play them at home!

Here we are learning about e-safety on the game 'Interland'