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Year 4

Making memories!

What a wonderful first day at Chellington!

In History, we held a debate about whether William the Conqueror was a successful King of England. Some excellent points were made for both sides of the argument!

Today we recapped telling the time to 5 minute intervals.

Today we spoke to a Landscape Architect & Planner all about her geographical fieldwork and how it plays an important part in her job. She taught us about the steps involved in planning, carrying out, analysing presenting her findings. She told us about the projects she has worked on such as planning wind farms, housing developments and service stations. We were inspired!

Today’s downpour meant gymnastics instead of athletics. Great strength and flexibility shown today!

We recapped primary and secondary colours today and talked a out how colour creates mood and feeling. We based our discussion on Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’

Nous avons appris les mots pour les vêtements!

The 8th June was World Oceans Day. We have been fascinated to find out about what is happening in our oceans and how we can work to save them.

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World Oceans Day

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We have been thinking about chronology and enjoyed using books about the past to order and sequence time periods from British and world history. We had great discussions using vocabulary linked to chronology and then created timelines which helped us to understand that lots of things were happening at the same time in different parts of the world.

We enjoyed the Quad Kids festival today! We ran 400m, 50m, completed the long jump and the javelin.

Geography Fieldwork: getting to know our area, field sketches, mapping routes and posing questions. Lots of fun!

Where does our water come from?

Science, Geography and English collided this week as we wrote our Water Cycle explanation texts.

It was interesting to learn about the Seder meal which is shared at Passover. We worked hard to understand its symbolism and how it links to the story of ‘The Longest Night’ - Passover.

Another busy week in Year 4! We enjoyed investigating the changing states of ice/water/water vapour

A wonderful take home task!

Exploring printing inspired by Althea McNish

Working hard in history on our biographies about Claudia Jones.

Investigating melting chocolate at different temperatures. We found out what happens to the particles in solids when they are heated.

After testing different temperatures for melting chocolate we asked the question... How long does it take for chocolate to melt in your mouth?