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Spring 2 - A Warm Welcome to our Class Page


English Spring Term 2


This term the children have been listening to Viking Sags and reading the story Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman.



The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about myths and their features, with a particular focus on Viking mythology. The children have enjoyed learning about the Viking Gods, particularly, Loki and the mischief he causes, not only to himself, but to those around him!


The children loved reading about the adventures of Odd and his journey to Asgard, writing a detailed character description, and looking at how his character develops throughout the story, both physically and mentally. The children wrote an informal letter from Odd to his mother, studied the character traits of the Viking Gods within the story, and made links to other Viking myths we had been listening to or reading about.


The children also planned and wrote their own myth story, including some of the characters we had learned about and some wonderful mythological creatures.


We made predictions about what might happen at the end of the story, and they came up with their own endings. Many of the children were surprised at how it ends, but as a class, we highly rated this book. The children felt that we should create a book review to let others know how wonderful it is!




In Maths this term, the children have been building upon prior knowledge from year 3 about unit and non-unit fractions, and decimals. We have been learning about adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, finding equivalent fractions, solving problems with mixed number and improper fractions, as well as finding fractions of amounts. The children have been using number lines and bar models to help demonstrate their understanding. The children have also looked at place value and the importance of a place holder. We have learned about tenths and hundredths and how we can write these as fractions and decimals. We have also learned about rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and have compared fractions and decimals using < > =  mathematical symbols.


In Art we have been learning about the artist David Hockney - The children recreated his painting called 'My Parents'. We discussed how the painting made us feel, what might be happening or may have happened, and the artists use of colour and painting techniques.

In DT the children designed and made their own Viking purses. The children needed to design and draw it, make a prototype practising their sewing skills, using a specific fabric and then make their own purses using a faux leather. They were so proud of their results!


Spring Term 1 



English Spring Term 1:

We have been reading two books this term: Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe-Todd Stanton and The Land of Roar by Jenny Mclachlan. 


 Arthur and the Golden Rope


We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story as a class and have created some wonderful creative story writing pieces, with a particular focus on short stories. We have also roleplayed, and acted out scenes from the story, learned some new story telling techniques, and written diary entries from the perspective of characters within the story. The children have also written persuasive letters to Joe Todd Stanton, requesting, that they be considered, to be the hero in his next book! These will be tweeted to him in due course, hopefully we get a response! 

The Land of Roar

The children have had a wonderful time listening to, and reading this story as a class. We have started to look at descriptive settings, and we will be creating our own descriptive setting over the coming weeks. This adventure book has much in store, and we are excited to find out more, about the adventures of Arthur and Rose in The Land of Roar. 




The children have been learning about Multiplication and Division strategies this term, including the expanded method, short method and short method for division. They have also focused on factor pairs, multiplying 3 numbers and times-tables knowledge and understanding. 


Multiplying a 2d by a 1d





Dividing 2d numbers by 1d numbers

Our Topic this term in Science is: Animals including Humans. We have been studying the digestive system and the process of digestion. In order to demonstrate this, the children took part in an experiment to show how the digestion system works. It was very messy and we had lots of fun!

Together as a class, we have been learning about The Viking's and their conquests. We have learned about Anglo-Saxon and Viking Kings as well as significant battles that took place. The children have created some wonderful information posters, as well as designing and making their own Viking long boats and shields.

Fire Pit Friday!

Which temperature is the best for melting chocolate most quickly?

Another busy week: Lenticular artwork, Digimaps Americas exploration and Scratch Rock Bands!

Tuesday 23rd November


‘Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see forever, you would see Ivan’s Land. It is a land where summer is short and pale like a celandine; winter long and cold like an icicle.’ 

This is how the atmospheric story ‘Ice Palace’ begins and it acted as inspiration for our very own setting descriptions of Ivan’s Land making use of figurative language. We edited our work and wrote up our final draft taking great care with our presentation. Here it is displayed alongside some of our print-focused art work where we explored using geometric shapes to create pattern, designs and icy landscapes.

Friday 19th November 2021


Another busy week has come to an end!


This week we have started reading 'Ice Palace' by Rovert Swindells, a mysterious and spooky quest story that centres around a brave boy named Ivan on a quest to find his lost brother. The children have enjoyed reading the story and talking about the creative language used within the book which creates atmosphere and tension. We looked at how Robert Swindells has made the environment seem unwelcoming and inhospitable. After reflecting on this, the children wrote some of their own setting descriptions for Ivan's land, making use of similes, metaphors, personification and expanded noun phrases. 


We are growing more confident each day with our times tables and have been working hard on improving our rapid recall of the 7s and 12s this week. Today we fouund out about factor pairs and prime numbers.


In History, we learned about King Henry VIII and his notoriety for having six wives and for converting to the Church of England. In Geography, we studied the difference between climate and weather, learning about climate zones and biomes across the Americas and finding out about the Koppen System. We enjoyed exploring shape, pattern and symmetry in art, creating our own printing blocks and exploring the ancient pattern 'The Flower of Life'. Computing was great fun developing our own games on Scratch. In DT, we designed a torch for a specific customer and we can't wait to make them. We are continuing to embed our recall of vocabulary for weather in French and have started to learn the festive song 'Vive le Vent' which has a very familiar tune!

'Tudor Rotter'

Still image for this video
As part of our History unit learning about the monarchy over time, we have focused on different Kings. Today, we learned about Henry VIII and found out a little about him from this kenning poem.

'Tudor Rotter'

Still image for this video

Setting descriptions - 19th November 2021

Computing: Programming in Scratch

We thoroughly enjoyed our double computing lesson today, recapping algorithms and programming in Scratch. We changed the background and the sprite to create a game. We then created code for commands and even managed to use some selection and sensing commands to make our racing games more challenging and interactive. I was delighted to see some children debugging their code to make their games more accurate and effective. We are already looking forward to next week's lesson when we can adapt and improve the games as well as exploring more of the facilities that Scratch has to offer!

Sports Ambassadors


On Monday, the Year 4 children had two visitors come to train them up as Sports Ambassadors. This means that they are now fully trained in leading sports activities for their peers or younger children. They explored a range of different activities, developing their listening, teamwork and communication skills, then spent time developing their own activities to lead other children in, making use of a variety of equipment. They then had to clearly demonstrate and explain their activities, before thinking about how they could make it more challenging or easier, depending on who was taking part. 


The children had excellent ideas about what a good leader or team mate would look like and demonstrated great communication skills throughout the day. I am certain they will make excellent sports leaders this year and our visitors were thoroughly impressed with the children's enthusiasm, communication and (of course!) their values.

Learning our times tables

Making switches

This year, the children will take part in a statutory multiplication check for children in Year 4 across the country.


The test is challenging as it requires children to have rapid and accurate recall in order to work out the answer, type the answer correctly, and to submit it within 6 seconds. As a result, the children require practice both to learn their times tables facts with fluency, and to respond to the style of assessment so that they can best demonstrate their abilities.


Please use the following instructions to access an activity to support your child in learning their times tables and preparing for the multiplication check. The game takes the same format as the government multiplication check  which the children will complete at school later this academic year.


The check will have:

  • 3 practice questions
  • 25 questions
  • 6 seconds to answer each question
  • 2 x to 12 x multiplication tables


To access the game:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Select the 'Sign In' button in the top, right hand corner. 
  3. Use the PIN: JM4269 to enter the game.


Please support your child in accessing the game, allow them to answer the questions independently then use the results to support children in learning the tables which they are still uncertain on. 


You can use this game as frequently as you would like to but we request that you access it at least once a week.

Growing our locational knowledge of The Americas & building on last half term’s skills

Learning about Diwali

Our New Class Readers

We have got stuck into our new class reading books this week, 'Ice Trap! Shackleton's Incredible Expedition' by Meredith Hooper and 'Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill. 


We are going to be developing our research and retrieval skills within non-fiction texts while we find out all about Ernest Shackleton and his crew's incredible journeys. 

Can you believe that we have almost finished the first half term of Year 4? The weeks have whizzed by in a flash as they have been so busy and full of learning. 


The children have grasped each learning opportunity with both hands. We have built on the firm foundations of Year 3 learning in our Maths lessons this half term, focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. In English, we have enjoyed reading the story The Firework Maker's Daughter and have produced high quality writing including newspaper reports, letters and alternative chapters. 


We've loved our electricity learning in Science, making circuits and testing out conductors and insulators. In History, it's been fascinating to learn about the Early Islamic Civilisation and all the incredible scientific and mathematical developments that came from Baghdad over 1000 years ago. In Geography, we have developed our learning of longitude and latitude, time zones, hemispheres, the tropics and the polar regions. We have enjoyed exploring charcoal and printing in Art. In PE, the children have shown growing flexibility and strength in gymnastics, and developing technique in multi-skills lessons. In Music, we have enjoyed learning about gospel music and learning and performing the song 'The Little Light of Mine' joyfully with added movement and actions. 


Well done for your continued efforts and hard work, Year 4. 

Enjoying the library

Protons, neutrons, electrons... but what makes a material a conductor and which materials conduct electricity?

In English today, we used drama to develop dialogue. I was really impressed with the children's use of new vocabulary which they have learned from our class book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'

We are loving visiting the library and choosing from a wide range of books. We visit as a class on Mondays but children can visit on Thursday lunchtimes too!

We made predictions about complete and incomplete circuits then tested our theories

Times tables are a vital part of our maths learning in Year 4 and we have begun by counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 9 this week

We are working hard to build our understanding of chronology and concurrence.

History: The Early Islamic Civilisation


We have been enjoying our history learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation and the city at its heart: Baghdad. 

As well as building our knowledge of facts about the city, we are trying to develop our understanding of world history and how the periods that we have studied fit together. 

Today, we made a timeline by finding out about how long each civilisation lasted, and creating a strip of paper where 10cm represented 100 years. We couldn’t believe how long some of the strips were! Afterwards, we put the timeline together to see what order the civilisations happened in and which happened in concurrence. 

A Guide to Reading with Children

Our Learning This Year - Year 4 Long Term Plan 2021-2022

How You Can Help at Home This Half Term


  • Regularly read a variety of books and talk about their content
  • Practise the weekly spellings in dfferent ways and revisit tricky ones
  • Talk about and explore children's areas of interest - discussion is one of the best ways of acquiring new vocabulary which is the key to unlocking so many other things
  • Practise times tables regulary and in different ways. This game is always popular!:


Continuing our e-safety learning, we enjoyed exploring how to make our accounts secure with passwords and embedding this learning on ‘Interland’

We enjoyed learning about simple series circuits in Science

It was a busy second week in Year 4 and the children have applied themselves well to their learning. 


We are enjoying our class text 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman and exploring the characters in reading lessons. We have written descriptions of the settings and characters, and also written letters between Lila and her father Lalchand, focusing on organising our ideas into paragraphs.


Our maths learning focuses on Place Value and this week we learned about rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We identified the previosu or next multiple of 10/100/1000 then applied the rules for rounding to round the numbers. We applied this learning in different contexts and used reasoning to explain our ideas. Next, we are going to focus on being more specific in our reasoning answers, using numbers and examples to support our ideas. 


Well done for your hard work across the curriculum this week, Year 4.

Our Wonderful New Year 4s!

Making memories!

What a wonderful first day at Chellington!

In History, we held a debate about whether William the Conqueror was a successful King of England. Some excellent points were made for both sides of the argument!

Today we recapped telling the time to 5 minute intervals.

Today we spoke to a Landscape Architect & Planner all about her geographical fieldwork and how it plays an important part in her job. She taught us about the steps involved in planning, carrying out, analysing presenting her findings. She told us about the projects she has worked on such as planning wind farms, housing developments and service stations. We were inspired!

Today’s downpour meant gymnastics instead of athletics. Great strength and flexibility shown today!