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Autumn 2nd half

Robins celebrated Diwali, learning all about the festival of lights. They created their own diva lamps, made Rangoli patterns, created Mehndi patterns and shared their learning in assembly.

Robins joined with Ducklings in learning all about Bonfire Night. We learned about Guy Fawkes, firework safety, talked about the sounds fireworks made and created firework pictures to match the sounds. We made bonfire pictures using hay and coloured paper, pretended to be firefighters and fireworks.

Outdoors we have been consolidating our understanding of the number 3 and recognising how many objects are in a small group without counting (subitise)

We read the story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell and linked lots of learning to it. We drew and wrote information about owls, labelled the different parts of an owl, used speech bubbles to write about what the owls might have been feeling when they woke up to find mummy owl gone. We learned about nocturnal animals and began to understand where we get light from and how shadows are made. We used the tuff spot as a dark den to crawl under with our torch to make our own shadow shapes. We used the playdough to make feathers or eyes for the owls and had fun making our own owls from different materials.

In Maths we have been learning about triangles and circles, using the vocabulary sides, straight and curved. We then went onto look at the artist Kandinsky and looked at how he uses shapes in his art work. We then created our Kandinsky inspired art-Circles and Triangles.