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Sports Festivals 2017/18

26.6.18 - KS1's spots festival

Key Stage 2 Tennis Festival - 13th June 2018

A huge well done to the eight KS2 children who participated in the tennis festival at Samuel Whitbread this week. It was great to hear of your excellent sportsmanship as well as your skill. Cheering one another on throughout, you made the adults who accompanied you feel very pleased that you were representing our school. We were proud to reach the semi-finals so well done to all those involved!

Key Stage 1 Multiskills Festivals December 2017 and January 2018

Gymnastics Festival

Friday 2nd February 2018


Six Key Stage 1 and six Key Stage 2 children visited Flitwick Leisure Centre for a gymnastics festival.  For the competition, Key Stage 1 did a routine to the song, 'Can't Stop the Feeling.'  We had to show our gymnastics skills and our skills of working together as a team.  Key Stage 2 had to perform different routines, some using a skipping rope and some even doing the splits.  We had to walk along a beam, pointing our toes then stretch jump off safely.  Key Stage 2 had to vault off a table.  We had fun too because we got to go on the air track and do lots of races.  The Key Stage 1 team won a certificate for 'Self Belief.' We all enjoyed ourselves.


Philippa and Alex G, Year 2

Swimming Festival


The swimming festival was amazing!  It took place at Flitwick Leisure Centre on Wednesday 28th February.  A team of 12 Year 3 and 4 children had to take part in several races.  These were the Speedy Racer, Froggy Push, Starfish Challenge, Woggle relay, Treasure Dive and Underwater swim.  We had to compete against other schools. We all enjoyed ourselves, it was tiring, but lots of fun.  


Noah and Ella Yr 4

Swimming Festival