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An egg arrives in Robins Class - 24 January 2015 Mrs Hearn : 2014-2015

The children arrived back to school after the Christmas holiday and found an egg in a box in the classroom.  There was lots of discussion about where it had come from, what could be inside it, who had put it in our classroom and if any noise or movement could be heard or seen.  The children began to offer their ideas about what could be inside it.  These are some of their suggestions: a dragon, a dinosaur, an eagle, a bird, a baby, a monkey or a penguin. The children were delighted when out of the egg came a series of notes.  Then the children read / heard the notes and they worked out that out of the egg could have come a penguin.  The children ended up going to the school freezer as it is very cold in there and they found a penguin.