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Robins Class News - 18 October 2014 Mrs Hearn : 2014-2015

Hello readers!
This week in Robins has been fun filled and busy. The children continue to impress us with their learning on a daily basis and great fun to be with.  Our Value in school this month is ‘Trust’ and we have been spending some time trying to understand what this means and how we can show trust in our behaviour.  I took the opportunity to walk backwards, so that I was facing the children and they ‘guided’ me across the field, onto the playground, around a corner and back into the classroom.  Olivia and Ashlee found this activity lots of fun and a few giggles were heard as I bumped into a few items on the way!!  I did place my trust in the children and they could see that I had to trust what they were saying!  Mr Nicholls, our dedicated ‘Toastie Tuesday’ volunteer wasn’t able to come this week so I took on the role of the ‘Toastie Tuesday’ helper.  The children placed a lot of trust in me as I was responsible for ensuring that all the children had a turn, that I had bought the bread, jam and butter, that I remembered the dietary requirements of those who have them and that I DIDN’T burn the toast!  I can reliably inform you that all went well………….but we are really looking forward to Mr Nicholls returning on Tuesday!
Looking to the week ahead, we will be learning about time: days of the week, what we do when, O’clock, half past, making clock faces and watches!  In literacy we will be meeting and learning about Wilf and Wilma, whilst continuing to learn, recognise and identify phonic sounds, digraphs, key words and reading.
Only 5 more days little Robins until half term!! You have all worked so hard during your very 1st half term in Robins Class and we are very proud of you.  It has been really lovely to get to know you all.  See you all on Monday!