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Robins Nativity - 01 December 2014 Mrs Hearn : 2014-2015

The children in Robins class perform their 1st Nativity plays on Tuesday 2nd December at 2pm and 4pm.  Please ensure you have tickets to either or both performances.

Are there any parents in Robins class able to record the Nativity and then give a copy of the recording to Mrs Hearn so she can play it to the children the next day please?

The children love to watch070-465 themselves, so it would be fantastic if we could have a copy for642-813 the children to see.  Please let Mrs Hearn know if you are able and willing to record the Nativity for us.

The children have been working so hard, learning their lines and singing the songs.  You are in for a real treat – bring a tissue too!!

Many thanks for reading our blog!