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Robins News - 10 October 2014 Mrs Hearn : 2014-2015

We have had a lovely week in Robins.  The children have continued learning characters from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and this week we have learnt lots about ‘Mum’.  She wears big earrings, likes to drink coffee, she gets cross with Kipper sometimes and she wears an orange jumper, blue trousers and red shoes! The children have enjoyed hearing stories about Mum, reading and writing the words, I am Mum either with help or independently. In maths the children have been counting up to 100 and have identified numbers that they like or that are important to them.  When recording how many packed lunches or hot dinners are being ordered each morning, the children have been using vocabulary such as: most popular, least popular, more than, less than, which number is more, which number is less.  The children have also enjoyed counting using 1:1 correspondence using sweets! In PE the children have been playing games to help them develop their listening skills alongside their starting and stopping skills. The children have continued to enjoy the outdoor learning environment and have been fortunate to play outdoors in mostly fine weather – Thursday afternoon excluded! Have a lovely weekend Robins!!